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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last update: 19 February 2021
In this section you will find answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by Xeoma Web Cam Software users. Read more

How to install Debian OS – Detailed guide

February 5, 2024

When it comes to building a video surveillance server, a significant part of users prefer Linux rather Windows as the main OS. A high level of security and the ability to control each part of the OS makes Linux the main choice of professionals. As there are dozens of Linux distributives, it may be difficult for a beginner to decide which distributive to choose. Our team recommends starting with one of the most stable and easy to set up distributives – Debian OS.

Learn everything you need to know about how to download and install Debian OS from our new article!


Automatic work time tracking in Xeoma

January 30, 2024

Running a business is always associated with risks and high costs. One of highest cost items of today’s enterprises is employee wages, so the importance of accurate time tracking can’t be overestimated. Luckily, you can save you time and money by building a completely automatic work time system with the help of Xeoma.

Check a step-by-step guide on how to track employee work time with Xeoma in our new article!


Kids video surveillance

July 3, 2023

Do you often worry about your children while you are away from home? There are many situations in our lives when we have to leave our kids alone or with someone else. Xeoma is a modern 21st century solution for providing safety. Video surveillance for children is often relevant both at home and in different institutions: kindergartens, schools, summer camps, recreation centers and many others. Xeoma is applicable in various scenarios including monitoring the behavior on the Internet. Thanks for it you will always know if your child is alright, no matter where you are.

Read more about Xeoma features to keep your children safe in our new article.


Freight unloading counter in Xeoma

June, 21 2023

A new module called “Freight unloading counter” is being developed in Xeoma. This Xeoma module is based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. It detects freight vehicles in the camera field of view and counts the ones that got unloaded. This module will be available in Pro edition.

Check more information in our new article.


Xeoma Pro: view recordings directly from cameras and NVRs/DVRs in Xeoma

April, 4 2023

Starting with Xeoma beta 23.3.22 we added a unique functionality to view recordings directly from ONVIF-compliant cameras and NVRs/DVRs in Xeoma. This option is recommended for Hikvision devices.

It is a useful capability that allows you to view recordings from your camera’s or NVR’s/DVR’s SD-card (or any other connected storage) directly in Xeoma’s archive player. You can save the network bandwidth by creating an autonomous system where your camera is recording as a standalone device, and then turn on the internet only while downloading the recordings in Xeoma.
More in this article.


Bird Detector. Xeoma module.

January, 20 2023

The Bird Detector is a module based on artificial intelligence that detects birds in the camera’s field of view and helps you keep track of them. This module is designed for use on thermal PTZ cameras, but it can be used with fixed thermal cameras as well. The module is able to recognize a bird at a distance of up to 350 meters, even when the bird looks like a dot on the screen. Based on AI-powered technologies predicting the bird’s flight direction, the module allows you to move the PTZ camera in the direction of the bird’s flight, following it as smoothly as possible. Read the instructions on working with the new module in our new article.


Telegram Bot Notifications

October, 14 2022

The Telegram Bot notifications module is designed to send messages from Xeoma to one of the most popular messengers, Telegram, when the filter modules to which this module is connected are triggered. Using this bot, you can send messages with a static text or dynamic (using macros), as well as attach photos from the camera when the module is triggered. Starting from beta version 22.10.12 this module is included in Xeoma Pro and Trial modes. Read the instructions on working with the new module in our new article.


Xeoma: desktop video surveillance + backup to Cloud

July, 26 2022

Beside other advantages, Xeoma video surveillance is famous for its flexibility and immense array of features. An example of that is the high-demand feature to have Xeoma working ‘locally’ (on your desktop, smartphone, Mac, single-board computer etc.) and have backups of recordings in the safest place – Xeoma Cloud storage. More information about setting up local Xeoma video surveillance and backup to Cloud please check in our new “how-to” article.


Xeoma mobile app for iOS devices: iPhone and iPad

February, 10 2022

Would you like to remotely access your video surveillance server from your iOS device, but don’t know how? Download free Xeoma app for iPhone and iPad which will help you access your cameras from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. Learn more about the app and read detailed instructions on how to connect in our updated article.


Advanced license plate recognition with Xeoma’s Additional module

February, 4 2022

Are you on the lookout for a contemporary license plate recognition tool but without the difficult configuration or over-the-roof pricing? Xeoma’s Additional module ANPR is exactly what you are looking for. Developed by our company, this LPR tool is embedded into Xeoma, and provides all sides of ANPR: not only does it detect vehicles and read their license number, but also saves the video with this number in the frame, and triggers various reactions. 12 countries supported so far, but more are coming! Read more about Xeoma’s Additional module ANPR


Mounting and connecting network disks to Xeoma

October, 21 2021

In Xeoma video surveillance software there are many options for storing archive recordings from cameras on your server PC. One of the most convenient ways of doing it is network disks. This type of storage is very popular among individual users and business entities as it allows to spread out a disk or a group of disks between several machines, as well as facilitates safer off-site storage. Read more about how to connect and work with network disks in Xeoma in this guide.


Xeoma’s settings folder

October, 20 2021

Xeoma stores its settings in a particular folder. The majority of settings are meant to be used by Xeoma itself, but some of them can be used by users as well. You can find more information about settings stored in Xeoma’s settings folder in this article.


Transferring Xeoma video surveillance system with all settings

October, 8 2021

Thanks to flexible licensing settings in video surveillance software Xeoma, you can transfer your system from one device to another. But what should you do if you need to transfer not only licenses but also all settings and archive recordings from the program? You will find detailed instructions on how to move the whole Xeoma system from one server to another in our new article.


DIY video surveillance system

September, 27 2021

Creating video surveillance system might be a tough call because there are so many cameras on the market and too much information around this topic.
In our new article we will try to highlight all basic points, so you could easily create your own video surveillance system from scratch. Let’s start this DIY video surveillance system project and review it in this article.


How to purchase video surveillance software Xeoma

September, 22 2021

There are plenty of reasons to purchase video surveillance software Xeoma, famous for its unprecedented combination of supported equipment and operating systems, more that 100 features that have been developed over the 10 years of Xeoma’s existence, easy setup, quick development and responsive customer care service, as well as Xeoma’s extremely affordable prices even for new-age artificial intelligence-powered video analytics.

So if you ready to get the best option for a cutting-edge system for video surveillance and business tasks related to computer vision, this guide on how to purchase perpetual licenses and subscriptions for Xeoma video surveillance software is for you. Read on


Event Log

September, 16 2021

Security systems rely on logging when it comes to analyzing data, checking for potential loopholes and post-breach damage control. However, all those benefits are only relevant long-term, which begs the question: are there any immediate benefits to them as well? Xeoma’s answer to that question is the new feature available as of version 21.8.3 – Event Log. This article will focus on how it works and how to apply it practically.


Add a remote camera in Xeoma

September, 14 2021

Nowadays cameras are installed everywhere, and video surveillance software should be able to work with any camera from anywhere.
Xeoma video surveillance system works with 99% of all camera brands on the market and supports plenty of ways to connect a remote camera.

If you have a remote camera connected somewhere far away from your local Xeoma, you can add it in the video surveillance software using various methods described in this article.


Purchase safely with Xeoma!

September, 6 2021

Purchase Xeoma licenses using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, MyCommerce, banking card or invoice.

Xeoma is fully secured, encrypted, doesn’t contain any spyware, malware or ads. It is free to download and safe to install and run.
Beyond all that you can safely purchase Xeoma licenses using any convenient method from the ones listed in our new article.


How to use a video as a camera in Xeoma

July, 28 2021

Sometimes users need to upload their videos to Xeoma to test different program features, for example, intelligent ones. In this article we collected several easy and fast ways to do it. You can also find it useful for those who don’t have a surveillance camera yet. To learn more about it, read the full article here.


Smart Home Integration with Xeoma: a practical guidance

June, 7 2021

The desire to automate various processes that we deal with on a day-to-day basis is something many people have embraced in the recent years. Convenience and comfort are what we’ve learned to expect from technology and those are precisely the kinds of benefits that smart home solutions strive to provide – and it’s easy to see how the bond between such automation and security grows stronger.
In this article we’ll have a look at several variations of smart home systems and how Xeoma can communicate with them to provide a more comprehensive automation. Read more


Reducing CPU load: full guide

May, 5 2021

Xeoma has various tools to reduce CPU load and optimize the cctv system. There are multiple ways to create the perfect video surveillance system according to your hardware resources. Find the full list in our new article.


Server and client settings: the difference

April, 29 2021

While installing Xeoma requires just a single file, internally it’s divided into 2 parts: server and client. This guide will help you get a better idea of how that division works and which side to scrutinize during troubleshooting. Read more in our new article.


Failover and failback in Xeoma. Instruction.

March, 31 2021

Failover is a process of switching to a redundant server (or servers) upon the failure of the main server. Rapid Failover is essential for large projects where increased security is required since failover and failback processes are automatic and usually don’t require warning or human intervention.
Failover option in Xeoma allows creating a backup on a standby server automatically if one of main servers is down. When the malfunctioning main server gets back up, operation will be continued thereon (failback). Full instruction can be checked in this article.


Image Resize. Xeoma’s module.

March, 18 2021

The “Image Resize” module allows to change the size of the incoming image. This module is available in all versions of Xeoma. More information about “Image Resize” basic module in Xeoma can be checked in this article.


Image rotate module in Xeoma

March, 17 2021

By means of “Image Rotate” module in Xeoma you can rotate the image from a camera at the right angle. This module is available in all versions of Xeoma. More information about “Image Rotate” basic module in Xeoma can be checked in this article.


Image crop module in Xeoma

March, 16 2021

The Image Crop module allows to dynamically crop the camera image. This module is available in all versions of Xeoma. Learn more in our new article


Application runner. Xeoma’s module.

March, 12 2021

“Application runner” module allows you to run a specified application (a script, program or macro). This module is available in Trial, Standard and Pro versions of Xeoma. Learn more in our new article


Microphone module in Xeoma VSS – surveillance with audio

March, 11 2021

Microphone module in Xeoma VSS can be used for video and audio surveillance – in offices, call centers, in reception halls i.e. everywhere where audio can be used for analysis or incident investigation. It allows to apply sound from camera-embedded USB or standalone IP microphones to video feed. See more about Xeoma VSS’s module microphone and how to work with it. Learn more in our new article


Xeoma modules’ macros

March, 4 2021

A macro is a symbolic name that is replaced by information received from Xeoma modules.
Let’s have a look at the macros that are used in different Xeoma’s modules.
Learn more about Xeoma’s macros here


Archives and recordings in Xeoma: troubleshooting and advice

February, 15 2021

Saving recordings is an essential feature for nearly any video surveillance system. Xeoma video surveillance software offers a variety of ways for perpetual storage of video recordings, the main of which being with the “Preview and Archive” module. Here are some answers to questions that some users might have while using the archive recording feature.
Read more


Coming soon: “Fashion store” module in Xeoma

December, 28 2020

Online shopping can get to a completely new level with Xeoma’s Artificial Intelligence technologies.
“Fashion store” intellectual module based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning is able to analyze the image from camera and allow trying on clothes online in front of the camera.
Learn more about the upcoming module in our article


Easy configuration of PTZ cameras in Xeoma

November, 5 2020

A pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. PTZ cameras are often used with cctv systems because they are able to move and catch every angle of the territory easily. PTZ cameras and Xeoma will be a perfect match to create a powerful cctv solution.

Instruction on how to configure PTZ cameras in Xeoma can be checked here.


Xeoma OEM: Web Interface Customization

October, 9 2020

With Xeoma video surveillance software you can get top-service: affordable prices, great functionality and the rebranding opportunity to rename the app to a name of your choice. Besides, Xeoma’s OEM policy allows you to change logos, links, color themes, icons, and the web browser interface look and feel.
Learn more about the white label opportunities for web interface in this article.


Sending Email: module for notifications and reaction to events

September, 25 2020

In video surveillance, it’s crucial always to have up-to-date notifications about alarming events so the security personnel can act fast and do the right thing. There are different ways in Xeoma video camera software of informing you about what is happening on the territory you are recording video at, and Sending Email is one of them. Read more about it in our new article


WebRTC API: embedding camera feeds and recordings

September, 15 2020

WebRTC is widely known to many for its assistance to stream any video into browsers, allowing for a more consistent experience for viewers and a lower overall load on the server. However, this is not its only advantage – it can also be used for integration so that the WebRTC video from Xeoma (real-time or archived) can be embedded into a website or in a third-party application. More about commands for this integration – in our new article!


Crowd detector

December, 6 2019

Ever wondered if Xeoma can detect public gathering and not just people’s faces – now it’s possible! «Crowd detector» module is based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. It allows to automatically count people (crowd) in camera’s field of view. This module can be used for passengers count in a public transportation enclosure like subway carriage, bus, tram, train and other. For public transportation such module will be irreplaceable in terms of analyzing daily passengers flow. Read more about this module in our new article


License plate recognition: Speed limit violation

December, 5 2019

Starting with Xeoma Beta 19.11.26, the software has pair modules “ANPR Speed Sender” and “ANPR Speed Receiver”. These two types of modules in combination will help estimate speed with which a vehicle has crossed two control points. In the receiver module you can set a specific time that this path should be crossed in, and if a vehicle passes it faster, it is breaking the speed limit. The modules can be integrated into various road fine ticket systems. Read more about this module in our new article


Gender recognition

November, 25 2019

Whenever we look at a person we usually can determine his/her gender carefully. But can computer vision do that? Can you teach a computer to recognize the gender? Modern technologies say yes. «Gender recognition» intellectual module based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning is able to analyze the image from camera and recognize gender in real time. Read more about this module in our new article


Additional module “Camera-Embedded Detector”

August, 15 2019

Starting from version 19.4.22, Xeoma video surveillance program brings to your attention the additional module “Camera-Embedded Detector”, which enables use of the “Camera-Embedded Detector” module to use ONVIF camera’s built-in detectors and control external devices connected to the camera. This module allows you to receive information from the embedded into the camera detectors, via ONVIF. Read more about this module in our new article


QR code recognition in Xeoma

August, 7 2019

“QR code recognition” module in Xeoma can scan the camera picture for QR code and send the video signal further to the next modules in chain when QR code is found. Read more here


Face Recognition: search for people by names or photograph

July, 20 2019

In Xeoma you can search archive recording of all cameras made with the Face Recognition module in chain, to look for recognized people by their name, to look through all unrecognized people, or to find someone using only their photograph (usually in search for criminals or missing people in police). Read more here


Xeoma Additional module: Moving to PTZ preset

July, 9 2019

Xeoma security camera software keeps up with the latest trends in video surveillance. The Additional module Moving to PTZ preset allow automated rotation of a camera to a certain preset position upon receiving an alarm. Read more here


Face ID. Instruction.

July, 5 2019

“Face ID” is an additional module in Xeoma that can detect face in camera’s field of view and compare it to the access card’s ID photo from database. Read more in this article.


Object recognizer in Xeoma.

June, 19 2019

Intellectual module «Object recognizer» is based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. This module can recognize selected type of objects in camera’s field of view (car, animal etc.). Read more in our article.


Xeoma’s new feature — timelapse!

May, 31 2019

Time lapse in video surveillance is the effect of speeded playback, comprising video footage for a quick review of motion events (or other events of interest) or for a visual representation of how rare flowers grow and blossom. Read about all the ways you can get timelapse with Xeoma in this article


Emotion Recognition

February, 1 2019

Can the artificial intelligence learn to interpret human emotions? It absolutely can and already does! Xeoma video surveillance software’s new Emotion Recognition can find 7 basic human emotions in the facial expression, ignoring obstacles like hair, glasses, head tilts. Learn more about it and its setup


Control Xeoma using JSON: the whats and hows

October, 5 2018

The main idea behind automation systems is to make various programs and devices cooperate with each other to raise their overall effectiveness, especially without human interference. New versions of Xeoma supports commands sent through JSON for this and many other purposes. See full setup guide in our new article Control Xeoma using JSON: the whats and hows.

WebRTC in Xeoma

August, 9 2018

What is WebRTC? It stands for Web Real-Time Communication and represents a new way of allowing browsers to work with video and audio, one that does not require additional plugins or separate apps. What WebRTC stands for in Xeoma read in this article.

Getting to know the Motion Detector

June, 21 2018

One of the more important modules in Xeoma is the Motion Detector, this is a key driving block that can trigger other events to happen and having this set correctly will improve what you are monitoring and help reduce false alerts. In this article, our user has conducted a thorough research on the module and shares the knowledge on a user-to-user level.

New Feature: Activity Log (CSV)

June, 7 2018

Among the tasks surveillance administrators perform are exercising direct control over the quick-reaction teams during a security breach and analyzing the security response post factum. But if the server itself can monitor their activity, it will certainly simplify the administrator’s work. Enter Xeoma’s logs. Read more

Cross-Line Detector (advanced Visitors Counter)

16 April 2018

Generally, security is particularly concerned with entrance and exit points for the guarded area, since those are easier to keep under surveillance than an entire perimeter and provide the most traffic. A particularly wide-spread method is setting lines across doorways or narrow corridors to control the number of people crossing them (or across driveways and lanes for cars) – a simple traffic counter. The method allows to both protect the area from unwanted visitors and collect statistical data, which is what makes it so popular. This is where Xeoma’s “Cross-Line Detector” module comes into play. Read more

Xeoma and Telegram

11 April 2018

Wouldn’t it be convenient for your mobile device to alert you immediately wherever you are – for example, through an instant messenger like Telegram, a 100% free cloud-based platform with a light-weight app and impressive protection? This article will show you what Telegram can do to help you keep your ears pricked up for trouble. Read more

Loitering Detector

14 December 2017

Loitering may not be grounds for arrest but is certainly a cause for suspicion. Until recently the only eye that could take note of this kind of behavior was a human one. However, the ever-watchful eye of a camera is learning from its creators and starting to keep up with them. Xeoma’s Loitering Detector is a perfect example. Read more

RTSP Broadcasting

6 October 2017

Data transmission over long distances is being improved, as new ways of facilitating this process are introduced (e.g. H.265), and Xeoma is keeping its eyes on the ball, ready to embrace the new technology. Xeoma’s “RTSP Broadcasting” module – it allows to convert any stream into RTSP (including H.264), be it analog, USB or IP camera. Read more

HTTP upload to other Xeoma

2 May 2017

If you ever wondered how you can transmit live video with sound from an embedded camera from one Xeoma to another (or, to Xeoma Cloud for off-site storage), you will find answers in our new article. Works for screen captures as well!

Video Surveillance for Newbies

17 February 2017

This guide will help you create your camera security system and start using Xeoma, even with no technological background. Read more

Object Detection

23 December 2016

Video Content Analysis (VCA) enables the cameras to distinguish anything which is not just a part of the background. The main principle behind Xeoma’s module Object Detector is very simple: as long as it detects an object – it will skip the video to the next module in the chain. To make sure that the “Object Detector” pays attention only to the objects you need, you need to determine… Read more

How to use FTP upload in Xeoma?

22 December 2016

When it comes to video surveillance, it is particularly important to make sure that there is a safe place for all the data the cameras collected. The most efficient way is to have backups, preferably far away from the main server. This is where FTP upload comes to save the day. Read more

Smoke Detector Cameras

25 November 2016

Video surveillance is used mostly for detecting unwanted visitors and controlling the activity of the others. However, there are many more threats to both life and business to be accounted for. The fires are, unfortunately, a rather common type of emergencies all over the globe. One of the new features of Xeoma is a “Smoke Detector”. With this you can be sure that you are the first to know if any fire breaks out. Let us look at the module’s functions. Read more

How to install a 64/32 bit operating system to a Raspberry Pi 3 board

24 November 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 is a bestseller single board computer of the next generation. Cost- and performance-effective, it’s a great alternative to DVRs and standalone computer-based servers for viceo surveillance. Its tiny dimensions allow for use in difficult environment. Now that you have ordered it and needed parts of hardware, next step is installing an operating system to the board. Read more about that in our new article.

Heatmap in video surveillance system Xeoma

23 November 2016

Heatmap is one of the most efficient tools in video surveillance. With its help, you can get a quick glance at motion dynamics in camera’s field of view. Learn how to set it up in Xeoma in our new article.

New Feature: Secure TLS Connection

22 November 2016

As of version 16.10.31, Xeoma supports secure TLS connection between servers and clients. Learn more about the nature of TLS and how to set it up in Xeoma in our new article.

User manual for Xeoma Mac OS surveillance software

1 November 2016

In this guide we will show you how to run Xeoma on Mac and how to overcome some difficulties. More information in our article.

CCTV Security System Administration: How to Admin?

20 September 2016

The efficiency of any surveillance system depends greatly on the way it is handled, in other words, on its administrator. So how does one optimize their security through proper system administration? Read more

Connecting Xeoma via VPN

12 September 2016

Need to connect your remote cameras that don’t have public IP address? VPN connection might be just the solution you need. Easy to install to a router, easy to connect to Xeoma. Read more in our new guide

Multilayered eMap in Xeoma

9 September 2016

The new Xeoma Pro’s function is called Multilayered eMap for a reason. Simply put, it can now store as many maps for different floors as you need. Read more

Layouts Management in Xeoma

26 August 2016

Multiple camera feeds on a single screen can be quite a confusing mess, unless arranged properly. Xeoma holds an abundance of tools to help you with that. Read more

Visitors Counter

25 August 2016

“Visitors Counter” is a unique function that allows you to effectively analyze the footfall traffic for your shop, showroom or your office attendance. Read more

Marking module

24 August 2016

Xeoma’s “Marking” module can waterstamp text, date and time, GPS coordinates and image of your choice to the camera image, both in preview and in the archive. Read more

Face Detector and Face Recognition

19 August 2016

Among other features Xeoma enables your camera to detect people’s faces and recognize specific faces. It can also store a full database of people within its range. This comes especially useful in monitoring staff activity or creating automatic security systems preventing trespassing. Read more

Active Directory LDAP configuration in Xeoma

22 March 2016

Among many high-end features that Xeoma Pro offers there is also support for Active Directory LDAP account in Windows. Users can use their LDAP configuration to login to Xeoma. This photo instruction will help you set up Xeoma for your Active Directory LDAP.

Organize perfect video surveillance on mac with Xeoma

17 February 2016

Do you want to start video surveillance on mac? Xeoma will help you to set up an efficient video surveillance system. Whether you are planning light home security or professional system, Xeoma offers a bullet-proof solution.

eMap ֠professional feature or necessity in modern video surveillance?

30 October 2015

E-Map displays the monitoring area on an electronic map, by which the operator can easily find the cameras. Download the facility plan to the program and locate security equipment.

Cheaper than DVR? Video surveillance with Raspberry Pi!

21 October 2015

Are you still using expensive video surveillance equipment? In this manual we are going to disclose a secret how to make your video surveillance cheaper.

Xeoma App for iPhone and iPad

25 September 2015

New Xeoma App for iPhone and iPad is perfect for remote view of your cameras. It can be used to connect to Xeoma Cloud or Xeoma server on your desktop or tablet, even with behind firewalls.

“License plate recognition” in video surveillance program Xeoma

15 September 2015

Coming soon: “License plate recognition” module includes algorithms of actions that allow us to recognize a license plate of an approaching vehicle by analyzing the video from the cameras. This system can be implemented at gas stations, service stations, as well as to monitor transport conditions.

How to set cloud service with Xeoma Cloud

11 September 2015

Manual on how to set your private cloud with Xeoma Cloud service. Follow these easy steps and start enjoying the simplicity and reliability of Xeoma Cloud.

How can you get or change your video surveillance software license information

12 August 2015

How can you restore your license for Xeoma web cam software if you forgot or deleted all the connection data. In this article, we will give full instruction on how to restore your license in any case.

Proxy server setup in Xeoma

13 May 2015

If your Internet access is through proxy, you might want to set Xeoma web cam software up to work with that proxy. Xeoma can work in your LAN, without Internet connection, but it is needed if you want to activate your license or get an automatic update of your Xeoma. Read more

Button Switcher module

30 April 2015

This module allows for quick turning on/off of the modules in the chain connected after this module with the help of the button in the lower panel or option in Main menu. You will find more information in our article.

False Alarms Issues

17 April 2015

Trying to set your security system to work right? Tired of constant false alarms? Learn how to get rid of this problem with Xeoma web cam software.

Sabotage detector: when video analytics help detect cameras being tampered with

16 April 2015

Have you ever considered the pros of having your cameras smashed? Well, unless you’re a “Camover” movement supporter, you might not have. In such case, this article might be a revelation to you. Luckily, thanks to enhanced video analytics, contemporary video surveillance systems and software have sabotage detectors that will monitor the system to detect when problems occur such as vandalizing acts, when camera is being tampered with and goes down, when connection to the camera is lost, and many more.

Fisheye Camera Dewarping

15 April 2015

Traditional video surveillance cameras have embedded flaw: blind spots. Fixed cameras usually narrow on an exact area in a room. Fisheye or as they are also called panoramic cameras offer you much wider field of view than fixed cameras. Nevertheless, using a pure fisheye camera image might be very uncomfortable, in this article we will try to find a solution.

PTZ Tracking in Xeoma

6 April 2015

PTZ security cameras are some of the most effective cameras when speaking of video surveillance system. If your camera supports PTZ then you can enjoy ‘PTZ Tracking’ in Xeoma web cam software. Read more

Xeoma Cloud VS Xeoma Pro Cloud as compared to regular Xeoma

20 March 2015

Xeoma Cloud allows you to create video surveillance system even if you only have a camera! Xeoma Pro offers you an opportunity to have your own cloud video surveillance server and offer it to your clients! Just make a decision which Xeoma concept suits you best!

Device List

15 November 2014

When working with a lot of cameras, grouping can come in quite handy. Xeoma’s feature Device List will help you navigate between large numbers of cameras, put them in groups and subgroups.

How to activate the software updates

13 November 2014

When you buy your license for Xeoma web cam software, free software updates are included for 12 months since license purchase date. When you activate the updates license, you get the possibility to use new versions, where you can find new features and program improvements. More information about software updates and its activation.

Messages in Xeoma

19 June 2014

The new ‘Messages in Xeoma’ web cam software article will let you know what this or that error messages that Xeoma displays mean and what you should do to fix the situation.

Moving Xeoma records

11 June 2014

If you have older records from Xeoma web cam software stored somewhere, and you’d like to play them in Xeoma archive viewer now along with your current camera’s footage, follow the instructions in this photo guide on how to play older archives.

Xeoma module: HTTP switcher

23 May 2014

This module allows to switch on/off all following modules (the whole chain connected after the HTTP switcher) upon receiving an http-request.

Xeoma module: HTTP request sender

21 May 2014

This module allows to generate and send HTTP requests. The module will send an HTTP request with configurable parameters to the specified address when it receives image. Read more

Manual for Xeoma video surveillance software for Linux

7 March 2014

This manual on how to use Xeoma web cam software on Linux will give you an insight into what basic steps to use Xeoma on Linux OS are.

9 CCTV trends for 2014

27 January 2014

According to the latest reports 2014 is going to be as much lucrative and successful for the CCTV market, as the last one, or even better. Some say 2014 is going to be a tipping point for the industry… Read more

FTP receiver: easy way to get image from your camera

18 December 2013

Sometimes it seems that the IP camera at remote location cannot be used for video surveillance: it doesn’t have an IP address because it is connected via mobile Internet, or you don’t know how or for other reason cannot perform port-forwarding on the router the camera is connected to. This is when FTP receiver will come in handy! Get to know how it can be used with this photo instruction.

Web server customization of html pages for online view of cameras

3 October 2013

Web server customization for online view of cameras in Xeoma web cam software, like our free rebranding utility, will help you make Xeoma look in a new, customized way… Read the instruction

Free android app Xeoma for remote video surveillance

27 September 2013

Explore the possibilities of remote video surveillance for business and home alarm systems made extremely easy with the newly launched Xeoma’s free Android app.

Wireless surveillance system and cloud security

13 September 2013

According to the latest researches, the global video surveillance as a service market is expected to grow from $474.0 million in 2011 to $2.39 billion in 2017 and achieve a compound annual growth rate of 31.5%. Moreover, wireless video surveillance will take more than 78% of the market. Why is wireless surveillance becoming so popular? Find out why!

How to reduce CPU load

4 July 2013

Find out how to reduce CPU load from rtsp (h264) cameras with Xeoma’s new feature of storing hi res footage directly into archive without re-decoding.

Xeoma module: Unitor

14 June 2013

Unitor is the new module in Xeoma web cam software and a very useful feature. Use Unitor, if you need simultaneous view of several cameras in real time or in the archive. Create the layout most comfortable for you. Read more about Unitor

Remote desktop control in video surveillance with Xeoma

3 June 2013

By means of Xeoma screen capture option you can accomplish staff activity monitoring without any effort. Find out more in our new article Remote desktop control in video surveillance with Xeoma

Send sms (text instant message) in Xeoma

19 December 2012

Receive and send sms messages to multiple phone numbers when your system detects movement in the monitored areas and get an instant notification if something’s amiss in cameras’ field of view. Read more

Wireless video surveillance with Xeoma

23 October 2012

Ever thought of getting wireless video surveillance system? Of course, you did. Now it’s time to learn how.

Client-Server architecture of Xeoma

10 October 2012

Learn what Xeoma consists of here.

Which remote access option should I choose in Xeoma CCTV security

9 October 2012

Xeoma offers a variety of remote access options to establish remote connection of various types and for various purposes. Let’s get deeper into what they are for and how to use them.

Activate your benefits!

11 September 2012

You have bought web cam software Xeoma license and don’t know what to do next? It’s easy! Read this quick guide on how to activate Xeoma and what the difference between online and offline activation is.

What if my camera is not auto-detected in Xeoma?

4 September 2012

When started, Xeoma conducts automatic search for connected cameras. What should you do if your camera is not detected automatically? Use brief instructions in article What if my camera is not auto-detected in Xeoma?.

ONVIF in video surveillance

29 August 2012

Xeoma also supports ONVIF devices for video surveillance. What advantages does it give to you? You can find out it in our article ONVIF in video surveillance.

Multiplying your schemes

22 August 2012

For those surveillance system owners who have 10+ cameras in their network, doesn’t it take too much of your time and effort to configure them all, one by one? What if the settings are similar and it’s almost upsetting that there is no opportunity to cope/paste them as you do with text parts… Read more in Multiplying your schemes article.

How-to: Using of remote access in video surveillance

20 June 2012

Suppose you would like to monitor your office or any other object remotely. What should you do? How can you overcome the obstacle of no static IP address? Get to know answers to these questions in our article How-to: Using of remote access in video surveillance.

DIY video surveillance system

2 May 2012

So, you are interested in DIY video surveillance system. Whether it comes from bare interest or wish to avoid house-breaking and thefts, or to prevent its recurrence – no matter what was the reason, you have made the right choice. According to official statistics… Read more

Xeoma settings

29 Apr 2012

Sometimes you need to find where Xeoma stores its settings files. Xeoma settings are stored in default user directory. Read more

Why do I need FTP?

28 Apr 2012

Whether you are an experienced professional in video surveillance doing it for job, or a beginner who is concerned about safety, in some time you may come to understanding that if you want to do it seriously, you need to provide backup for footage from cameras… Read more

Advanced options of Xeoma Motion Detector

30 Mar 2012

Motion detector is an essential feature of any surveillance system that strives to be effective. There can be no professional software for monitoring and security without it. Xeoma web cam software is not an exclusion. Motion detector is one of the features that makes Xeoma professional high-quality software for flawless monitoring. … Read more

Manage time with Xeoma Scheduler

21 Mar 2012

Life gets increasingly dynamic, and one has to keep up. Time management has become an important issue for those who have much to manage in a day. Sometimes tasks and stress seem overwhelming and it feels like one can’t make it. That’s when you come to think, I should have planned it better. That is also when you begin to value every second. When you have too many objects to monitor, even launching every single application on each of the machines may take too much time. … Read more

Save more with Xeoma and Ubuntu

11 Mar 2012

Xeoma web cam software is known not only for its absolutely new, intuitive and easy to use interface but also for its unique opportunity to purchase only the required feature set that meets your requests precisely. You can save even more by using Xeoma on a free operating system Linux Ubuntu.s a business person who knows the value of money, you are not going to overpay or pay for something that can be obtained free of charge at all…. Read more

Xeoma Web Server

7 Mar 2012

Xeoma web server module is designed to transfer data to other copies of Xeoma. Specify the path for access to JPEG image and MJPEG video over the network, enter username and password for enhanced security and other copies of Xeoma in your network will receive these images and/or videos. Use both modules to arrange video conference or two-sided video communication. Web server module can be used as an IP cam emulator if you want to view real-time video streaming remotely over the Internet from any place in the world… Read more

Compare Software – WebCam Looker VS Xeoma

6 Mar 2012

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software and WebCam Looker DVR software are products of FelenaSoft. The comparison table will help you decide which of them to choose for effective meeting of your demands. Read more


6 Mar 2012

They say, time is money. But despite modern technologies being so advanced nowadays many users of video surveillance systems tend to monitor what is going on themselves or to have someone monitor it, watching screens of their PCs or work stations day&night. Real-time monitoring is time-consuming and therefore very expensive. Do you really need those extra costs? Sometimes, what you really need is to set up recording to some safe place to view it later, at comfortable time. This option would enable us to have the surveillance system under control without spending much time… Read more

What is module in Xeoma?

5 Mar 2012

If your acquaintance with Xeoma web cam software has only started, you probably wonder what a Xeoma’s module is. This article will help you learn about modules and their key role in the software… Read more