Repeater troubleshooting: ADSL, GPRS issues

Repeater is a service for easy connection to Xeoma server from anywhere in the world. Repeater subscription is activated in Xeoma server and works for any number of cameras connected to that Xeoma server.

Of course, the service relies heavily on your Internet connection – both on the server side and on the receiving side of your client. If the Internet connection speed is limited on either side you might get corresponding speed of viewing your cameras.

You are advised to look at Ping and Traceroute results. What DOWN/UP speed do you have?

ADSL is very slow.
Its outbound average speed is about 0.5-1.5 Mbit/s. Even the faster device can handle no more than 3.5 Mbits.
(See the Upstream rate column in Wikipedia )

So, for example for 4 cameras, each camera has to be 0.1 Mbit/s, max 0.5 Mbit/s, if you view them all together. But usually cameras don’t have such low bitrate, more probably they are 2 Mbits/s each. This will be a bottleneck. It is not possible to transfer 4*2 Mbit/s into just 1 Mbit/s – you will experience very long time-shift delays, drops, etc.

To work with what you have, you are advised to decrease resolution of cameras, or use H264 instead of MJPEG. Use smaller picture and you will have smaller frame rate.
If you use H.264 camera streams, please decrease its bitrate to fit your ADSL speed capabilities. Select smaller streams in Xeoma Source settings dialog, or via web-admin of the cameras.

If your ISP does not provide normal Internet connectivity, you can use another ISP, or 4G internet (that is upto 300 Mbits/s). Or upgrade to usual wired Ethernet or optical connection.

2 March, 2018