Video surveillance for home usage or for small systems

Watch your kids with nanny, while you’re at work
Make sure that your property is safe, while you’re away on vacation
Don’t miss your pets’ funny moments even if you have to go on a business trip
See who’s at your front door

Xeoma – video sruveillance software of the new generation. It’s easy to feel confident and safe with Xeoma – you can check what is going on any time.

Start working with Xeoma is easy:

1. Choose any camera you like. Guide: how to choose a camera?
2. Connect it to your computer.
3. Launch Xeoma on this computer. Your camera will be detected automatically.
4. Set up Xeoma’s features the way you want them to work – Motion Detector, Archive, Scheduler, notifications and much more!
Or just use Xeoma’s default optimal settings.

Watch live images and archives, manage cameras, get notifications – be there when someting important happens.

For home usage we recommend getting Lite licenses (for 1, 2 or 4 cameras) or Standard licenses for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 cameras.
There are Cloud service Xeoma Cloud and Repeater service (remote access) available.

Helpful information:
Easy manual on how to start working with Xeoma
Lite, Standard – comparison table