Privacy policy for Xeoma webcam software


This privacy policy for personal information (“Policy”) is applicable to all user’s personal data Felenasoft Ltd. can get when Xeoma software (“Xeoma”) is used.

If you do not agree to the terms of the Policy, you may not use or install the software product. By installing and (continuously) using Xeoma You agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy.

1. Disclosure to third parties

Felenasoft Ltd. does not share users’ personal information with third parties, except when a user has given his/her consent.

2. Collection and use of personal information

2.1. Xeoma may send to a server once a month some information that is not considered private: its version, installation date, OS version, type of edition, memory error address and Xeoma cookie information for the goal of counting active users of various versions of Xeoma and therefore of improving customer service.

2.2. Xeoma does not send and Felenasoft Ltd. or any third parties do not have access to any personal or private information that Xeoma works with on a user’s computer, including but not limited to audio, photo and video data (including those for cameras), archive footage, settings, passwords, addresses and access details as well as number of cameras, email addresses or passwords, remote access details, any data Xeoma processes, or any data the user has on computer, etc. Felenasoft Ltd. or Xeoma do not carry out covert audio, photo or video surveillance on users.

2.3. In case of enabling of remote access to the server part, use of Repeater service or Web server module or any other modules that work with external resources (for example, email sending), the data can only be accessed by the user with the specified password that should be strong enough to crack and by these resources (for example, if email sending is set to send video or photos from cameras – the corresponding provider of the email account) according to the explicit settings of the user.

3. Protection of personal information

Felenasoft Ltd. does not store or process users’ personal data. Felenasoft Ltd. takes all administrative and technical measures to safeguard user’s personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, or unauthorized access, disclosure, and destruction.

4. Subscription to Xeoma newsletter

In case the user has subscribed to Xeoma newsletter on Felenasoft Ltd. on his/her own and confirmed subscription to the email address by following the link in the confirmation email, no data is given on to third parties, and the address is only used for Xeoma news sendout according to the specified interval. No third parties advertisements will be ever send. The user is free to unsubscribe at any moment in just one click on a link given in each letter, no additional actions required.

5. Personal data received during license purchase

Felenasoft Ltd. is bound to not disclose the personal information of a user, received during license purchase, or not give it to third parties.

6. Privacy policy updates

Felenasoft Ltd. may apply changes to this Policy without notice. Last update date is always posted below. New edition of the Policy is valid since the moment it’s published. The updated version is always available on this page



Last updated: October 1, 2013