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How can I get a cheaper solution with Xeoma?

Sometimes you or your customer like Xeoma but you keep wondering if there is a way to save with Xeoma?
Here are all the various ways you can save with Xeoma:

1) Too expensive for you? Consider shifting from the Xeoma Pro edition to Xeoma Standard, or from Xeoma Standard to Xeoma Lite. The more features the edition has, the more it costs. Standard is 3 times cheaper than Pro.

2) If you need features from the Pro edition, remember that you can buy Pro licenses for a part of cameras – those that will be actually using Xeoma Pro features and buy Xeoma Standard for the remaining cameras that will not be using Xeoma Pro features. For example, if you’re interested in the Smoke Detector buy the Xeoma Pro license for all cameras that will be using this module (or other Pro modules), and buy Xeoma Standard for all the rest cameras.

3) If the one-time payment of Xeoma’s lifetime perpetual licenses is too much for you, use rent of licenses – monthly payment for the license that you can cancel after a month or several.

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