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Our company is especially focused on long-term ongoing relationships and is developing software mainly for United States corporates, but we are interested in all types of projects, too.

Here you can see honorable mentions of our completed software development projects:

1. Xeoma – construction-set principle video surveillance software for your exact needs. Works on Windows, Linux (including ARM architecture like in SBCs or NASes), Mac OS and Android (yes, full version for Android, not just a viewing app). Client viewing apps available for iPhones, iPads, Android smart phones and tablets. Remote control from any OS. Unlimited number of servers, cameras, operators, users, etc. More than 100 features including professional and even AI-based that use neural networking technology (Face recognition, License plate recognition, Detection of loitering, abandoned or missing objects, synchronization with smart homes, cashier appliances and access control systems).

Detailed review of the program is available at Xeoma webcam software site.


Unlimited number of cameras

[Flexible configuration|Modular structure, intuitive interface, grids, easy setup]


Modular workflow

[Flexible configuration|]Visual representation of enabled features: attach modules to each other in a logical way


Easy setup of features

[Flexible configuration|]Easy setup of features. Default settings that fit most of cases


Quick control of modules

[Flexible configuration|]List of modules in left panel to quickly enable or disable modules without closing the camera


Unlimited number of servers and clients

[Flexible configuration|] Unlimited number of server parts for large projects. Unlimited number of client connections for flexible and quick access from anywhere in the world


Supported OS, cameras

[Flexible configuration|]Works with 99% cameras, on all major operating systems. Used in many verticals. Beneficial partner program


Customer care and support

[Flexible configuration|]24/7 access to help resources, efficient and responsive customer care and support


Higher performance

[Flexible configuration|] Higher performance and lesser system requirements thanks to special algorithms like dual streaming or hardware acceleration


PTZ control

[Work with cameras|PTZ, Fisheye, panoramic]A comfy PTZ control to handle the PTZ functions of the camera


Seamless panoramic view

[Work with cameras|]Panoramic view, seamless dewarping of Fisheye cameras or uniting several pictures


PTZ presets, tours

[Work with cameras|]Automated PTZ tracking, presets and tours


ePTZ - digital PTZ

[Work with cameras|]Digital zoom and tracking


Face Recognition. Search by photo and frequency-based grouping

[Intellectual modules|] Face Recognition is for recognition of detected faces in realtime, comparison of detected faces with faces from database, and reaction to known or unknown persons.


Search for person by photo

[Intellectual modules|]Search through recordings from all cameras for a certain person using their photo


License Plate Recognition + integration with devices, systems

[Intellectual modules|] The ANPR / LPR works with cars of any model, any number, any speed. Integrates with fee-imposing systems and access control systems


Vehicle Speed Detector

[Intellectual modules|]Vehicle Speed Detector can be used in complex safe city and traffic monitoring systems for detection of speed limit violation (also available: detection of violation of traffic light and lane regulations)


Modbus controllers - integration with devices and systems

[Intellectual modules|] Xeoma can use devices that work through "Modbus" controllers (traffic lights, smart home systems) - for example, to detect a violation of traffic light rules


Mask Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Mask Detector is an option in Face Recognition that can recognize if a person is or is not wearing a mask


Social Distance Detection

[Intellectual modules|]Xeoma's Social Distance Detection is one of the features for aiding in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic


Safety Gear Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Safety Gear Detector will help aid in compliance with safety and health regulations


Sport Events Tracking

[Intellectual modules|] Automated following the center of a game in sports broadcasts


Free / Occupied Parking Spots

[Intellectual modules|] Automated spotting of a change in parking spots status ("free/busy"). Can be used in paid parking lots or in safe city for illegal parking detection


Emotions Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Emotions Recognition can do real-time recognition of 7 basic human facial expressions from happiness to anger


Trapwire - Visitors Counter

[Intellectual modules|]Visitors Counter with movement direction


Detection of clients line

[Intellectual modules|]Count how many people are in line to enhance your customer service in rush hours


Crowd detection

[Intellectual modules|]Crowd detection



[Intellectual modules|] The heatmap will visualize the most 'popular' spots in a store or open space - based on the data from Motion Detector


Age Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Optimize your store's offers and promotions by gathering statistics of visitors age


Slip and Fall Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Real-time detection of people falling or slipping, including falling off a bed or chair


Gender Recognizer

[Intellectual modules|] Optimize your store's offers and promotions by gathering statistics of visitors gender


Loitering Detector

[Intellectual modules|]Loitering Detector will detect suspicious behavior


Detector of missing objects

[Intellectual modules|]Detector of missing objects


Object Classification / Object Type Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Real-time recognition of object types and reaction to the pre-set types of objects - from trains to UAV drones


Privacy masking

[Intellectual modules|]Automatic privacy masking for static areas in camera view or moving objects


Airplane and Drone Detection

[Intellectual modules|]Airplane and drone detection will find good use both in private territory intrusion detection and in airfields and top-secret sites as an counter-terrorism and anti-spy measure


Sea Birds Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Recognition of sea birds will help scare away birds of prey in fish farming


Sound Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Sound Events Detector can recognize sounds of gunshot, screams, baby cry, glass break and car alarm


Eye Tracking

[Intellectual modules|] Eye tracking is following the person's pupils movement automatically to track what they are looking at.


Color Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Detect fever in passengers in airports, or use in automatic fining systems of traffic light violators


Text Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Automated text recognition in Xeoma can read text in camera's sight of view and react to pre-set words or numbers in real-time


LPR, Face Recognition, Smoke, Unattended items

[Intellectual modules|]Advanced video analytics: Face or License plate recognition, Detection of smoke or abandoned objects.


Heatmap, Emotion Recognition, Object Classification

[Intellectual modules|]Advanced video analytics: Heatmap, Emotion Recognition, Object Classification (Human, animal, car, etc), Visitors Counter


Interactive maps eMap

[For large-scale projects|]Map for camera location with triggering icons and quick view of a selected camera


Traffic analysis

[For large-scale projects|]Smart data about productivity of your business: customer traffic by hours or days


Staff activity control

[For large-scale projects|]Staff activity control. Detection of employees' idleness


Flexible access profiles

[For large-scale projects|Failover, eMap, staff control. productivity analysis]Individual access rights for staff and management. Restrict access to certain cameras or system features


Multiserver and client

[For large-scale projects|]Easy connection to several locations


Objects and motion visualization

[For large-scale projects|] Objects and motion visualization will draw security guards' attention when it's needed


Use your own neural detector

[For large-scale projects|]Use the matrix in "My Detector" to add your own neural detector for functionality that you need and don't yet see in Xeoma


Notifications and reactions

[Notifications and reactions|]Various notifications and reactions from programmable scripts to sending alerts


Convenient view of records

[Record|Built-in archive viewer]Built-in archive viewer to conveniently view the records, search for detected events or objects.


Search through recordings

[Record|]Archive recordings can be searched through for objects, faces, motion events, license plates, emotions, etc.


Multiple ways to store recordings

[Record|]Multiple ways to store recordings: on-site, off-site, HDD/SSD, RAID, Cloud storage, etc.


Import records from camera

[Record|]If connection to an ONVIF camera was lost, record will continue to its memory card. After the connection is restored videos will be imported


Beneficial pricing policy

[For resellers|Easy, beneficial, many options]


Discounts for big packages

[For resellers|]The bigger package you purchase, the cheaper Xeoma licenses are per camera.


Beneficial partnership program

[For resellers|]Beneficial partnership program


Free rebranding

[For resellers|]Free rebrading: change Xeoma's name, logo, icons, links, remove everything that is not needed!


Work with microPC

[For resellers|] Create low-budget yet efficient video surveillance system using single board micro computers like Raspberry Pi, or Android devices


Integration with POS

[Integration|POS registers, Access Control, IoT, smart homes]Integration with Point-of-sales terminals


Integration with smart homes

[Integration|]Integration with IoT, for example smart homes systems (lights, gates, doors, climate and multimedia control)


Productivity optimization

[Other features|Production automation, flaws detection, passengers counter]Production automation: analysis of productivity by artificial intelligence


Defects detection

[Other features|]Production automation and optimization: using neural networks for detection of product flaws


Passengers Counter

[Other features|]Head-based Passengers Counter in public transportation


System health monitoring

[Other features|]System health monitoring with the "Problems Detector" module will alert you about camera tampering, insufficient system resources, etc.


Parental control

[Other features|]See what the kid is up to on the computer


Move to PTZ Preset

[Other features|]Automatically rotate an overview PTZ camera to an area and make the camera do specific actions in that preset


Easy administration

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy administration


Free rebranding

[Create your VSaaS|]Free rebranding


Easy launch

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy launch


Easy connection for clients

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy connection for clients


Billing synchronization

[Create your VSaaS|]Billing synchronization

2. Biofeedback-enabled games and simulators

Biofeedback means changing the virtual environment according to the user’s physical condition, like heart rate, temperature, etc. These are games, environments, exercises and trainings that use biocontrol technologies and biofeedback therapy with various sensors that measure pulse, pressure (BVP), skin conductivity (SCL), temperature, respiration rate, and electromyography (EMG).

Various addons are available for Windows and Mac OS.
The project works with several types of sensor devices: IOM/Wild Divine, emWave Adapter, GP8 Amp, etc.
Created with C++ and the wxWidgets library, Unity 3D game engine (C#).

Biofeedback game Tropical Heat. Game environment (weather, motorboat control, water resistance, general visibility) dynamically changes according to biofeedback results

Biofeedback game Tropical Heat. Game environment (weather, motorboat control, water resistance, general visibility) dynamically changes according to biofeedback results

Biofeedback game Dual Drive 2. Game environment (weather, vehicle control, physics, general visibility) dynamically changes according to biofeedback results

Biofeedback game Dreamscapes. Game environment (weather, general visibility) dynamically changes according to biofeedback results

Biofeedback game Dreamscapes. Game environment (weather, general visibility) dynamically changes according to biofeedback results

Biofeedback game HyperPong, Zombies edition. The purpose is to learn to control emotions even under stress

Biofeedback game HyperPong, Bowling edition. The purpose is to learn to control emotions even under stress

Biofeedback-enabled environment. Visuals change depending on bio feedback.

VR-addon for the biofeedback project. Works with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


Advanced Media Player addon for the biofeedback project. Also works with online services like Youtube and Kindle Reader.
It plays media content in the built-in player with various biofeedback effects (imposing worsening effects when signs of stress are detected).

Biofeedback project for Android
Developed in Java and C++ with JNI and Unity 3D game engine (C#).
Several types of sensor devices are supported: devices supporting the standard Bluetooth Low Energy profile for heart rate monitors (Heart Rate Profile) like Polar as well as proprietary biofeedback devices.

Launcher is an application for launching both own and selected third-party applications installed on the system. It also runs a background service that tells the user that it is time to train.

Overlay is an application in the form of an overlay over all other applications that allows you to train while using any applications, such as browser, game, media player, etc.

Also available: Google Cardboard app for VR edition.

Biofeedback project for iOS
The project is developed in C ++ and Swift, with usage of the Unity 3D game engine (C#).
Support for devices that support the standard Bluetooth Low Energy profile for heart rate monitors (Heart Rate Profile)- for example, Polar.


3. X-ray Computed Tomography software – professional medical 3D/4D application for hospitals and clinics. It is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation.

Medicine project

Medicine project

Cloud-based system for radiologists that offers in-cloud storage and operation with unprecedented speed. Transfer of radiological images to and from Cloud, authorized sharing.
Full integration with a health institution infrastructure: reporting and patient management, billing, schedule book, office equipment, including video conferencing. Seamless work with equipment electronic health records and electronic medical records systems, tomography scanner, mammography scanner, ultrasound scanner, and other radiology scanners.
The systems takes the best of ActiveX, HTML5, java, c# technologies to bring the best performance.

Includes the following functions:
* Uploading of radiological images;
* Transfer images from Cloud to local PACS;
* Transfer images from local PACS to Cloud;
* Reading images and dictating the report;
* Authorized Sharing;
* Managing patient files.

Technologies used:
* Viewer based on ActiveX (for IE browser) and HTML5;
* Patented GPU-cloud technology;
* Web-cloud based on java servers.
* HL7


4. X-ray cargo scanning
The task of the created software is to process X-rays and processed data from the port scanner located at the docks of seaports or ground check points. The program allows you to create 3D-models of freight containers with their contents. Fast and safe detection of prohibited goods and automated pass of allowed cargo.

Above you can see a 3D projection and cross sections. Red is supposedly substances that are similar in structure and density to drugs.
Work and scanning goes in real time, if there are new scans for the current machine, they are immediately updated on the screen. With each scan, the material and structure is more accurately determined. The process of researching one truck in the scanner takes about 10 minutes.

The 3D-model has a full-fledged functional at work – turns, shift, zoom, change in the density of the structure.


5. Price tag recognition
Our software development for the detection, reading and recognition of price tags of popular retail chains. A simple mechanism of work will allow you to successfully use the program from the first minutes of exploring it.


6. Face Recognition
Our software development. This is an AI-based module for detection of faces in camera’s view and recognition of them. Upload photos of employees to form a white list of company employees and unauthorized persons. Take the best of neural network technology with FelenaSoft’s Face Recognition module.


7. License plate recognition
Another intelligent module of our development for the recognition of license plates in the field of view of the camera. The system is able to recognize civilian license plates of Russia and Kazakhstan. The module allows you to solve many problems of registration, identification, prevention of unauthorized travel, ensuring the safety of vehicles in parking lots and control of traffic flows, both in the city and on the highway.


  • detects vehicles in the camera field of view, and recognizes their license plate;
  • stores license plate numbers into CSV format database;
  • classifies separate vehicle types;
  • allows adding of text comments to each identified car;
  • allows search for license plates in a structured database.

High recognition rate and stable operation of the module with different types of lighting, as well as various variations of the installation of cameras warrants you peace of mind.

FelenaSoft projects: automatic recognition of vehicle license plates


8. Professional video subtitles generating system.
Created for major television media and Hollywood blockbusters, this software development is a professional system for creating subtitles, like in movies. Works with all famous professional video editing software. A lot of effects, transitions for any occasion, support for live broadcasts and many other features. OpenGL, C ++, Qt, Ogre3D, DirectX, GPU rendering and much more are used.

9. Interactive web browser video player
The project is a browser-based video player with interactive videos. The viewer can control the character by clicking on the screen. The project also included the ability to upload their interactive videos and set actions on the admin page, so the project can be called autonomous, because the customer himself can create content and change videos. Cross-browser compatibility.

The software product has its own User Interface, recognizes the logical connections between the videos, it is possible to view and run from the most popular browsers without installing additional codecs and software (viewed in an Internet browser). The program recognizes videos specially prepared for it and coordinates their playback, allowing the user to independently determine the playback sequence within the allowed parameters.

The software development product is focused on commercial use.



10. KnownCalls – free Android app for blocking of calls and texts from unknown numbers
KnownCalls is the new absolutely free call blocker for Android that helps fight spam calls and messages while respecting your privacy. No Internet is required because the app doesn’t use any external databases or sources. No ads, no difficult setup, no fees. This app is for those who don’t answer calls from any unknown numbers and want stop getting them: people who want to be reached only by their acquaintances listed in their Phonebook, children, seniors, businessmen who have secretaries for contacts of new clients, etc.


11. Face ID + QR Code Recognition + Smart Card Reader

“Face ID” is an intellectual module in Xeoma, a VMS by FelenaSoft company, developed specially for a foreign university. This module compares a recognized face in the frame with a photograph from the user’s ID card, thus creating a two-factor authentication system. This capability is especially applicable to limited-access or restricted facilities like entrances at enterprises, universities, and other educational institutions, fitness centers, prisons, military units, banks, etc.

“Face ID” operates in conjunction with the “Smart Card Reader” or “QR Code Recognition” modules, which are capable of receiving data about the pass holder, including their photograph, which is then compared with the person’s face in the frame. Thanks to Xeoma’s flexible settings, the reactions to a successful person identification can be various: open/close a door/turnstile, receive an email/SMS/mobile or another type of notifications, start/stop archive recording, etc.

FaceID - custom development by FelenaSoft

More info – here

12. Object Recognition – Seabirds

“Seabird Recognition” is another custom AI feature developed by FelenaSoft company for fish farms and fishing vessels. The feature allows the “Object Recognition” module to detect birds in the frame and then decide if there are seabirds among them with the help of AI. Seabird detection triggers predefined reactions, typically aimed at timely deterring predatory seabirds to reduce profit losses. The module does not require specialized equipment and can work with widely available cameras, allowing for quick deployment with significant savings on equipment.

Since the module was implemented as a part of the flexible Xeoma VMS, which already has dozens of different reactions to choose from, “Seabird Recognition” can work in conjunction with specialized sound cannons, which only affect birds without harming humans or fish, as well as with sound alarms, and other types of reactions.


13. Speed Detector

“Speed Detector” custom module demonstrates FelenaSoft’s flexible approach to development: initially created to detect vehicle speed limit violation on roads and highways, the module can be used to detect movement speed of any types of objects. Its working principle – calculating the time an object passes the distance between several checkpoints – doesn’t require using neural network technologies, so the module was included to one of the basic Xeoma editions. Since specialized equipment for speed detection wasn’t required either, the customer made significant savings.

An alternative method of detecting vehicle speed violation was developed within the framework of the “Safe City” and “Safe Roads” projects. The module was created to work in conjunction with “ISKRA” hardware speedometer. This development demonstrates not only the ability of FelenaSoft company to implement various types of integrations with third-party devices, but the flexibility in offering the customer several solutions to the problem, each adapted to specific conditions.

Two ways of detecting speed by FelenaSoft

More info – here


14. Sports Tracking – Basketball

“Sports Tracking” is an intelligent module, an integral part of the Xeoma VMS, which allows the program to automatically locate a basketball within the camera’s field of view and rotate a PTZ camera to track it. Numerous optimizations enabled the module to avoid missing key events, for example by switching to tracking the largest group of players.

Support for tracking basketballs – a type of balls that wasn’t initially intended in this project – was customarily added upon request. As a result, the sports club that ordered this development managed to automate operator’s work — a position that was not originally included in their staff — and broadcast tournament matches directly to their YouTube channel. The module is based on artificial intelligence, which can be trained on other types of objects, such as different sports balls, pucks, etc.

Sports tracking in Xeoma

More info – here


15. Parking Spots

“Parking Spots” is another multifunctional custom development by FelenaSoft. The module is designed to check whether there is an object in a designated area within the camera’s field of view and thus inform the user about its status — whether the spot is empty or occupied. This development is primarily used for paid parking lots to check the availability of parking spaces. It can be used to create an automatic entrance car distribution system which can work in conjunction with parking ticketing solutions.

“Parking Spots” can be applied both in urban video surveillance systems to detect illegally parked cars, and in situations unrelated to vehicles. For instance, it can automatically monitor the occupancy of cinemas and theaters or track tools in auto repair shops, i.e. the module is appliable to any case where it’s important to distinguish the presence and absence of objects in certain places.

Parking spots in Xeoma

More info – here


16. Integration with Modbus Controllers (Smart Home, Road Traffic Lights)

The custom-developed module “Modbus Controllers” is designed to receive commands from third-party equipment — controllers operating under the Modbus protocol — to trigger the necessary reactions in our software for video surveillance and business — Xeoma VMS. This type of controllers is very popular and is often used in automation systems, smart homes, as well as various equipment such as traffic lights, etc. The flexibility of Xeoma made it possible to assign different reactions to different signals from Modbus controllers, which allowed to reach the aim of our client’s project – to recognize the vehicles’ license plates and automatically issue fines for running red traffic lights. The “Modbus Controllers” module helped to avoid critical problems typical of other methods of synchronizing with road traffic signal devices based on computer vision: color distortion in bright lighting, visibility deterioration during precipitation, and delays in receiving video signal.

Modbus controllers in Xeoma

More info – here


17. Bird Detector

The “Bird Detector” module of Xeoma VMS was developed specially for an ornithology enthusiast, who’s aim was to detect birds in challenging conditions and track their flight trajectory. The module was designed for complex urban environment, where the monitored objects — birds — might be as far as 350 meters away. The existing solution at that time — object recognition combined with automatic object tracking using PTZ cameras — couldn’t bring the desired result. For this reason, we implemented numerous optimizations, taking into account the biological characteristics of birds and the data needed to predict their flight trajectory. We also decided to use the thermal imaging feature of thermal PTZ cameras (fixed thermal cameras are also supported) to track birds as smoothly as possible.

Bird Detector

More info – here


18. Detector of Construction Site Safety – Adaptation

The majority of intelligent features developed during the work on FelenaSoft company’s proprietary project — Xeoma VMS for security and business — can be customized to match the client’s special needs and conditions. Adding new types of protective helmets to our previously released AI module – “Detector of Construction Site Safety” – is a great example of such customization. The accuracy of helmet detection was significantly increased, which enabled us to achieve maximum reliability in ensuring safety practices at the client’s construction site. We believe, our development saves worker’s lives!

Detector of Construction Site Safety

More info – here


19. 360° Surround View – Bird’s Eye View

The custom “360° Surround view ” development was created for use on yachts and other watercraft to improve the convenience of viewing onboard cameras and ensure better mooring, detect people falling overboard, and provide awareness of the overall situation. The module merges images from four wide-angle cameras installed around any object to obtain a 360° panoramic view — the “bird’s eye view” effect. This development is one of the numerous integrations of functions into our video surveillance software requested by clients, serving as an excellent addition to the existing similar functionality for indoor use (support for fisheye cameras), which could not be effectively applied in conditions where a single camera didn’t not cover the entire object. A single glance at the final image allows you to assess the situation on all sides of the object — whether it’s a maritime vessel, warehouse, residence, government building, etc. A special type of licensing was implemented in this project for the client’s benefit, allowing the client to avoid overpaying.

Special attention was paid to convenience: the module suggests placing a photograph of the object in the center of the frame, which helps distinguish multiple 360° image sets from each other.

360° Surround View

More info – here


20. Smoke detector
This intelligent module allows you to detect the presence of smoke in the detection area. With automatic detection, you can always be sure that even if a fire starts, you will be instantly notified and can take measures to save lives.



21. Software for IP microphones
A software and hardware complex with the manufacturer of IP microphones for high-quality acoustic control, seismic acoustic measurements and voice notification. These complex solutions are applicable at almost any sites.



22. Vehicle GPS tracker
With this tracker program you will always know where the car, cargo or convoy is located. Spheres of application are various: from the road haulage to the visualization of the race participants passing. Available for Windows and smartphones.



23. Recognition of abandoned/missing items
The software module analyzes the image from the camera for the presence of objects and can determine the disappearance of the object from the field of view or the appearance of a new one. For greater accuracy, there is a time counter, after which the item is considered missing or abandoned. Thus, the module is ideal for places of increased risk of terrorist attacks or incidents of theft (river, railway stations, stations, ports, airports, etc.), even with great traffic. Also used in retail to determine the interests of customers and in private security monitoring.



24. Pre-installed video surveillance app in a NAS box
Based on Android, a multi-component storage device for storing data and accessing it from anywhere, the NAS of one very popular brand is also a multimedia function center and – thanks to Xeoma – video surveillance. The main stumbling block for Android-based devices is the limited amount of RAM. For this project, the Xeoma video surveillance program has been modified to fit the strict limits of resource consumption. Also, it is easy to start and connect without a password and without an IP address (token-authorization).


25. WebCam Looker – video surveillance software with motion detector, powerful and flexible. More than 20 versions released and 2 years of development. This is our own software development project, an easy program for Windows, now discontinued and replaced with a more contemporary cross-platform Xeoma, but still selling around the world for those who don’t need extra functionality.

For complete product site and its review please click WebCam Looker home.

WebCam Looker - video surveillance software with motion detector

WebCam Looker sources settings dialog
WebCam Looker photo archive setup
WebCam Looker image mark sample

WebCam Looker web server screenshot
WebCam Looker main dialog view config
WebCam Looker motion detector configuration


26. RinkView – automatic system rotating the PTZ camera for tracking the puck in hockey matches and training.


27. MDS – patient administration and record keeping system. Allows you to keep a journal of patients in an electronic form.

28. IP7 – emergency two-way audio connection to the police.

29. Aircraft 3D demo – a windowless application with 3D-model of Airplane, so it looks like the airplane is flying above existing windows on desktop.

To download and test as an application click here (135KB).

Controlling: for rotating use mouse click&move on the airplane. To exit: press Alt F4.

Custom 3D engine with windowless airplane model

30. Automotive GPS-based data acquisition software for racing, tuning, visualization purposes (Smartphones and Windows).

Automotive GPS-based data acquisition software for racing, tuning, visualization purposes.

31. Custom VLC-based video player with fixes of original bugs, video streaming of MPEG, AVI with seeking via Internet and many other features.
Version for Windows.

Custom video player for Windows.

32. Custom VLC-based video player with fixes of original bugs, video streaming of MPEG, AVI with seeking via Internet and many other features.

Version for Mac OS.

Custom video player for Mac OS.

A few samples (from about 150) of 3D effects and transitions developed for video editors (Edius, Pinnacle Studio, Avid Liquid, Ulead Video Studio, Ulead Media Studio Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere).

(note: if you see no animation, please enable images and animation at your browser):

3D animated effect: Bouncing Cubes
3D animated effect: Bouncing Cubes
3D animated effect: Bouncing Cubes
3D animated effect: Bouncing Cubes

Some simpler executable applications to download and try:

3D landscape demo (372KB)

33. Vista style ActiveX toolbar fragment (with art work):

Vista style ActiveX toolbar fragment.

34. Triangle Solver program allows to calculate all triangle elements by at least three knows.
Supports oblique and right triangle types. Made for the professor of US University.

Triangle Solver.

35. Newspaper advertisements automation system. This software is used to add/update/prolong/etc advertisements
into database, flexibly classify rubrics and their attributes, store ads into them for different newspapers simultaneously, prepare for publishing at newspapers, etc.

Newspaper advertisements automation system.

36. Java Blog database – Powerful Java driven template-based XML-engine with web and real-time skype interface
and import/export to pop3/smtp email, XML, RSS, Skype; multi-attachments from email, flexible sorting and hiding of visual data, a few types of presentation, etc.

Java Blog database.

37. Adware remover searches and removes adware programs from computer.

Adware remover.

38. Site Tracker saves and automatically repeats complicated logins and navigations on web sites. It is used for comparing web site changes or selected parts of the page over the time, even after login, with cookies, embedded tags, etc.
Site Tracker.

39. Ringtones project is the package of 10 free utilities helping people to prepare and upload ringtones and wallpapers, and send sms for cellphones on PC. These programs give a personality to your mobile phone.

Ringtones project. Ringtone Editor Demo
Ringtones project. SMS Sender Demo
Ringtones project. Midi Editor Demo
Ringtones project. Ringtones Convertor Demo
Ringtones project. CD Ripper Demo
Ringtones project. Ringtone Mixer Demo
Ringtones project.
Ringtones project.
Ringtones project. Voice Recorder Demo
Ringtones project. Wallpaper Editor Demo

40. Crazy Paint is a funny and easy to use 2D image editor for iPhone with the wide range of features.

Crazy Paint. Project for iPhone.

Other projects:

  • 7Zip supporting utility,
  • IE&firefox tab control/BHO,
  • emag project (Flash and PHP),
  • WebCam capturing with PiP,
  • Skinned video player,
  • Custom filter video player,
  • Mobile 3D game project,
  • Barricade firewall driver,
  • TickerToolbar,
  • Youtube Uploader.

This is just a few of our software development projects. If you have a project in mind, please step forward and let us estimate it for you.