Xeoma is the video surveillance bestseller

Xeoma is the video surveillance software with a simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, quality service and professional functions:
recognition of license plates, faces, emotions, gender and age, recognition of object and sound types, detection of abandoned or missing items, absence or presence of medical masks or safety gear, camera tampering and other system health issues, crowds, color, loitering, line crossings, counting of visitors and passengers, PTZ tracking and tour, screen capture, heat map, floor plans, organization of access systems, integration with cash registers, smart home systems, free rebranding, organization of own cloud service, unlimited number of servers, and more.

Xeoma offers a completely free version without ads, a trial version for testing, and commercial versions for any budget.

Thanks to the modular structure, working with Xeoma is easy, just like with a children’s toy set! Add, combine, reconfigure the featuresenjoy your video surveillance.

Affordable prices – as low as $6.77 USD per channel, and even less for large projects.
Xeoma Cloud subscriptions from $0.75/mo.
Available rent of licenses and free demo.

This is a program for simple video surveillance, as well as for large systems and enterprises. Everything you want from a video surveillance system, and more! One program – many fields of application:

CCTV software has basic and professional-grade features for video security, including based on AI ones

Video surveillance

Video security and access control:

• recording video with sound,
• intrusion, trespassing detection,
• instant reactions and notifications,
• automated alarms,
• face recognition-based access,
• license plate recognition-based gate opening,
and much more.

Xeoma Video surveillance software can be used for other camera-related tasks as well like business optimization

Raising profits

Loss reduction and business optimization:

• product defects detection in production lines,
• productivity estimation of conveyor workers,
• queue detection in stores,
• anti-fraud cash register monitoring,
• visitors counter and emotions recognizer,
• tracking operability of promo monitors,
• creation of your own cloud service,
• ATM embedded cameras,
and much more!

Xeoma VMS can be used for other camera-related tasks as well like automation of business processes in factories, stores, farms

Business automation:

No-supervision business processes:

• scaring off birds of prey in fish farms,
• drone detection for airports,
• detection of people (not) wearing medical masks,
• price tags recognition for stores,
• ball auto tracking during sport broadcasts,
and much more.

Xeoma surveillance app is perfect for use in police, for example like body-worn cameras system or traffic vehicle fining system

Police, safe city

City and traffic surveillance:

• auto fines for speed limit offenders,
• body-worn cameras and challenges of mobile surveillance,
• search for missing people or vehicles through city cameras,
• crowd density in public transportation,
• proactive prevention of and reaction to crimes (based on citizens’ emotions and city sounds),
• assigning tags to politicians’ speeches,
and many more!

Truly smart homes are the ones that guess your wishes. With Xeoma IP cameras program you can have a system that reads your mind, not just obeys orders

Smart homes

Automated convenience and security:
• Gate or door opening upon recognizing face or vehicle,
• Launching home appliances (cleaner, cooker, thermostat) upon host arrival (or other event),
• Auto alarm or emergency police call upon seeing face or vehicle from black list,
• Host mood-based reactions (music, lighting, multimedia, climate),
• Detection of intrusion or suspicious sounds,
• “Live” feed from camera (incl. PTZ ones), for all-time awareness.

Xeoma CMS for cameras is also great because you can request development of needed features

Customer-specific business tasks

Got a business need involving artificial intelligence and/or sound/video analytics? We can help you get the solution! We also do personalized paid development to achieve your business objectives.

And more other features, including camera firmware for embedded access to cloud video surveillance, integration with new devices and equipment.

Xeoma develops very fast and always has news about new features, events and special offers. Don’t miss anything – follow our news blog!



Unlimited number of cameras

[Flexible configuration|Modular structure, intuitive interface, grids, easy setup]


Modular workflow

[Flexible configuration|]Visual representation of enabled features: attach modules to each other in a logical way


Easy setup of features

[Flexible configuration|]Easy setup of features. Default settings that fit most of cases


Quick control of modules

[Flexible configuration|]List of modules in left panel to quickly enable or disable modules without closing the camera


Unlimited number of servers and clients

[Flexible configuration|] Unlimited number of server parts for large projects. Unlimited number of client connections for flexible and quick access from anywhere in the world


Supported OS, cameras

[Flexible configuration|]Works with 99% cameras, on all major operating systems. Used in many verticals. Beneficial partner program


Customer care and support

[Flexible configuration|]24/7 access to help resources, efficient and responsive customer care and support


Higher performance

[Flexible configuration|] Higher performance and lesser system requirements thanks to special algorithms like dual streaming or hardware acceleration


PTZ control

[Work with cameras|PTZ, Fisheye, panoramic]A comfy PTZ control to handle the PTZ functions of the camera


Seamless panoramic view

[Work with cameras|]Panoramic view, seamless dewarping of Fisheye cameras or uniting several pictures


PTZ presets, tours

[Work with cameras|]Automated PTZ tracking, presets and tours


ePTZ - digital PTZ

[Work with cameras|]Digital zoom and tracking


Face Recognition. Search by photo and frequency-based grouping

[Intellectual modules|] Face Recognition is for recognition of detected faces in realtime, comparison of detected faces with faces from database, and reaction to known or unknown persons.


Search for person by photo

[Intellectual modules|]Search through recordings from all cameras for a certain person using their photo


License Plate Recognition + integration with devices, systems

[Intellectual modules|] The ANPR / LPR works with cars of any model, any number, any speed. Integrates with fee-imposing systems and access control systems


Vehicle Speed Detector

[Intellectual modules|]Vehicle Speed Detector can be used in complex safe city and traffic monitoring systems for detection of speed limit violation (also available: detection of violation of traffic light and lane regulations)


Modbus controllers - integration with devices and systems

[Intellectual modules|] Xeoma can use devices that work through "Modbus" controllers (traffic lights, smart home systems) - for example, to detect a violation of traffic light rules


Mask Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Mask Detector is an option in Face Recognition that can recognize if a person is or is not wearing a mask


Social Distance Detection

[Intellectual modules|]Xeoma's Social Distance Detection is one of the features for aiding in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic


Safety Gear Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Safety Gear Detector will help aid in compliance with safety and health regulations


Sport Events Tracking

[Intellectual modules|] Automated following the center of a game in sports broadcasts


Free / Occupied Parking Spots

[Intellectual modules|] Automated spotting of a change in parking spots status ("free/busy"). Can be used in paid parking lots or in safe city for illegal parking detection


Emotions Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Emotions Recognition can do real-time recognition of 7 basic human facial expressions from happiness to anger


Trapwire - Visitors Counter

[Intellectual modules|]Visitors Counter with movement direction


Detection of clients line

[Intellectual modules|]Count how many people are in line to enhance your customer service in rush hours


Crowd detection

[Intellectual modules|]Crowd detection



[Intellectual modules|] The heatmap will visualize the most 'popular' spots in a store or open space - based on the data from Motion Detector


Age Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Optimize your store's offers and promotions by gathering statistics of visitors age


Slip and Fall Detector

[Intellectual modules|] Real-time detection of people falling or slipping, including falling off a bed or chair


Gender Recognizer

[Intellectual modules|] Optimize your store's offers and promotions by gathering statistics of visitors gender


Loitering Detector

[Intellectual modules|]Loitering Detector will detect suspicious behavior


Detector of missing objects

[Intellectual modules|]Detector of missing objects


Object Classification / Object Type Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Real-time recognition of object types and reaction to the pre-set types of objects - from trains to UAV drones


Privacy masking

[Intellectual modules|]Automatic privacy masking for static areas in camera view or moving objects


Airplane and Drone Detection

[Intellectual modules|]Airplane and drone detection will find good use both in private territory intrusion detection and in airfields and top-secret sites as an counter-terrorism and anti-spy measure


Sea Birds Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Recognition of sea birds will help scare away birds of prey in fish farming


Sound Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Sound Events Detector can recognize sounds of gunshot, screams, baby cry, glass break and car alarm


Eye Tracking

[Intellectual modules|] Eye tracking is following the person's pupils movement automatically to track what they are looking at.


Color Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Detect fever in passengers in airports, or use in automatic fining systems of traffic light violators


Text Recognition

[Intellectual modules|] Automated text recognition in Xeoma can read text in camera's sight of view and react to pre-set words or numbers in real-time


LPR, Face Recognition, Smoke, Unattended items

[Intellectual modules|]Advanced video analytics: Face or License plate recognition, Detection of smoke or abandoned objects.


Heatmap, Emotion Recognition, Object Classification

[Intellectual modules|]Advanced video analytics: Heatmap, Emotion Recognition, Object Classification (Human, animal, car, etc), Visitors Counter


Interactive maps eMap

[For large-scale projects|]Map for camera location with triggering icons and quick view of a selected camera


Traffic analysis

[For large-scale projects|]Smart data about productivity of your business: customer traffic by hours or days


Staff activity control

[For large-scale projects|]Staff activity control. Detection of employees' idleness


Flexible access profiles

[For large-scale projects|Failover, eMap, staff control. productivity analysis]Individual access rights for staff and management. Restrict access to certain cameras or system features


Multiserver and client

[For large-scale projects|]Easy connection to several locations


Objects and motion visualization

[For large-scale projects|] Objects and motion visualization will draw security guards' attention when it's needed


Use your own neural detector

[For large-scale projects|]Use the matrix in "My Detector" to add your own neural detector for functionality that you need and don't yet see in Xeoma


Notifications and reactions

[Notifications and reactions|]Various notifications and reactions from programmable scripts to sending alerts


Convenient view of records

[Record|Built-in archive viewer]Built-in archive viewer to conveniently view the records, search for detected events or objects.


Search through recordings

[Record|]Archive recordings can be searched through for objects, faces, motion events, license plates, emotions, etc.


Multiple ways to store recordings

[Record|]Multiple ways to store recordings: on-site, off-site, HDD/SSD, RAID, Cloud storage, etc.


Import records from camera

[Record|]If connection to an ONVIF camera was lost, record will continue to its memory card. After the connection is restored videos will be imported


Beneficial pricing policy

[For resellers|Easy, beneficial, many options]


Discounts for big packages

[For resellers|]The bigger package you purchase, the cheaper Xeoma licenses are per camera.


Beneficial partnership program

[For resellers|]Beneficial partnership program


Free rebranding

[For resellers|]Free rebrading: change Xeoma's name, logo, icons, links, remove everything that is not needed!


Work with microPC

[For resellers|] Create low-budget yet efficient video surveillance system using single board micro computers like Raspberry Pi, or Android devices


Integration with POS

[Integration|POS registers, Access Control, IoT, smart homes]Integration with Point-of-sales terminals


Integration with smart homes

[Integration|]Integration with IoT, for example smart homes systems (lights, gates, doors, climate and multimedia control)


Productivity optimization

[Other features|Production automation, flaws detection, passengers counter]Production automation: analysis of productivity by artificial intelligence


Defects detection

[Other features|]Production automation and optimization: using neural networks for detection of product flaws


Passengers Counter

[Other features|]Head-based Passengers Counter in public transportation


System health monitoring

[Other features|]System health monitoring with the "Problems Detector" module will alert you about camera tampering, insufficient system resources, etc.


Parental control

[Other features|]See what the kid is up to on the computer


Move to PTZ Preset

[Other features|]Automatically rotate an overview PTZ camera to an area and make the camera do specific actions in that preset


Easy administration

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy administration


Free rebranding

[Create your VSaaS|]Free rebranding


Easy launch

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy launch


Easy connection for clients

[Create your VSaaS|]Easy connection for clients


Billing synchronization

[Create your VSaaS|]Billing synchronization



How Xeoma can make your life safer


Xeoma video security software supports thousands of cameras
Supported are thousands of camera models ONVIF, MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, Fisheye, WiFi, PTZ, audio, RPI module…

Xeoma video monitoring software works on all major operating systems
Works on Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM (Raspberry), Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
Xeoma CCTV software has a contemporary visual interface
User-friendly interface – simple to work with!

Xeoma is the only video surveillance software for Linux ARM and Android with such features.
It’s also the CCTV software №1 for Mac OS X.
To our knowledge, Xeoma is one of the top 5 video surveillance software for Windows and Linux.
Affordable prices

Why Xeoma?

Several reasons for Xeoma’s popularity among customers and partners:
– extensive experience in video surveillance – our company has been operating since 2004;
– innovative, more flexible product, and more convenient than outdated programs;
– wide functionality (including video analytics and artificial intelligence modules) with flexible settings to suit your needs;
– fast and efficient user support;
– very favorable prices – lower than those of competitors;
– works on a variety of operating systems;
– supports more cameras per server (up to 3000 cameras per server);
– dynamic addition of new functionality and adaptation to the specifics of various businesses upon request.
More reasons why Xeoma – here

Xeoma customers are listed here


up to 3000
cameras per server
camera brands supported
year of establishment
46 000
monthly downloads


Ready to work in 1 second

Xeoma is ready to work right after download. No installation or admin rights required. Auto-search of cameras. More

Various editions for any budget

Xeoma offers editions for any budget and purpose: from the 100% free edition with unlimited number of cameras, to professional edition with forensic video analytics. Choose the one for your budget, see the editions comparison table

All usual features – and more than that

More than 100 features, from easy ones to intellectual. Video analytics:
recognition of faces, emotions, demographics (age, gender), color, vehicle license plate recognition (ANPR for Europe, UK, USA and CIS countries), dynamic face and objects blur, counter of visitors and passengers, detectors of medical masks, safety gear items like helmets, crowd, objects types (car, truck, human, animal, bicycle, motorcycle, boat, etc.), smoke, sound volume and sound types (baby cry, gunshots, glass shattering, car alarm, screams), abandoned items, sabotage; search for motion events in archive by time or zones, PTZ tracking, integration with external devices and smart home systems.

Also: motion detector with pre-record for zones of any shapes, motion track visualization, Fisheye dewarping, motion-triggered placing of cameras to bigger slots, camera grouping, multi-layer interactive map of a site (eMap), device list, image rotation, zoom in/out, PTZ, TLS secure connection. Export of extracts from the archive in various formats, possibility to make intervals undeletable, simultaneous view and export of several archives at once, SMS notifications, upload to and from FTP, support for dual streaming, simultaneous recording to several disks, and much more.

Remote access from anywhere you are

Wherever you are, you can view your cameras and control Xeoma remotely, even without static external IP address

Administration and user profiles

Quick addition of up to 3000 per server, any camera resolution (10Mpix and higher), easy management, support for LDAP, network clustering, fine tune access permissions, creation of your own cloud service – stable work of the system even without supervision.
Minimum hardware requirements

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Let us know!

100% quality guarantee

100% quality guarantee

Free tech support

Free tech support

No viruses

Safe to use: no viruses or ads

Safe payments

Safe payments



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Best conditions for resellers and installation companies

Big discounts for Xeoma products. Sending users to you. Free rebranding and customization. Integration with your billing and license generation as you go. Special discounts for hardware manufacturers. Free demo licenses for tests and comprehensive assistance from our Support Team. Details


Our clients

Xeoma has been installed in a number of banks, airports, insurance companies and factories around the world.
Xeoma’s popularity among our clients and partners has this solid basis:
– fast and efficient tech support
– wide range of features with flexible configuration
– prices several times more affordable than competition’s
– works on a variety of operating systems
– can process more cameras per server than analogs (up to 3000 cameras per server)
– new features added as per users’ requests, adapted even to specific business needs
Read testimonials


Real world feedback:

Christian S., net@talk GmbH, Germany verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Great

“There is very much positive feedback on xeoma from all our customers using it, and we are very happy, to be a reseller of this great product.”


Tom, NY, USA verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Headless Linux

“I struggled to find just a server piece that ran on a headless Linux box, this fit the bill entirely. … Your guys’ software rocks.”


Fernando, Brazil verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Pro is the best

“I use the Pro version of the software and I can say it’s the best.
The company also has an excellent post-sales technical support that aids in subsequent doubts.
I congratulate also on the page where it explains virtually everything in the software.”

Read more | Leave yours and help others


Get Xeoma licenses absolutely for free by participating in our special offers!


FelenaSoft is looking for partners – security camera installers, security system engineers, security equipment manufacturers, telecommunications providers, dealers and resellers – from all over around the world. Please contact us!


Typical application scenarios for Xeoma

Xeoma ip camera software offers best conditions to providers
For service providers:
connect customers to your own Cloud
Xeoma can be successfully utilized in the construction industry
For home:
peek in when you’re away!
Use Xeoma CCTV to provide safety and security in malls, shops, and other places of business
For businesses:
offices, banks, malls, access control


Xeoma software is perfect for city and municipal CCTV
For government:
Safe city, airports, railway stations
Xeoma has a very beneficial partner program with free OEM for resellers, dealers, distributors
For resellers:
earn commission off your sales
Beneficial partner program with free OEM for manufacturers
For manufacturers:
special conditions and discounts.
Higher sales with high quality software

Xeoma modes


Xeoma Starter

Xeoma Starter is an absolutely modern and minimalistic version of the well-known Xeoma that has everything a surveillance beginner may need.
Comes in handy not only for home users but for resellers and start-up businesses because of its commercial reasons and up-to-date functionality.
All the main modules and some very useful additions are gathered here in one set.

Xeoma Starter available modules
Devices Filters Destinations
Universal Camera Motion Detector Preview
Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
Screen Capture Marking Save to File
File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
Works on virtual machines;
No ads, watermarks, activation or donation requests;
View of unlimited number of cameras (record and Email sending for maximum 2 cameras);
Free rebranding available!
Remote access available (only 1 user – Administrator).
Version limitations:
  • Unlimited number of cameras for viewing, up to 2 cameras (or other video sources) for recording or Email sending;
  • Up to 3 modules in a chain;
  • Updates of the program are available for 30 days since license purchase;
  • Renewals are not applicable. If a new version is needed after the updates period runs out, please purchase a new license;
  • Unavailable user access rights setup;
  • Unavailable customization;
  • Unavailable device list and digital zoom functions.
  • Additional modules can not be used in Xeoma Starter version.
  • More information about Xeoma Starter

    Xeoma Lite

    Xeoma Lite is a simplified version of the Xeoma video surveillance program for small and medium size business and home users. In Xeoma Lite, you can connect up to 4 sources with 6 modules per chain. Since version 20.10.13 Xeoma Lite works on virtual machines.

    Xeoma Lite available modules
    Devices Filters Destinations
    Universal Camera Motion Detector Preview
    Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
    Screen Capture Marking Save to File
    File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
    Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
    FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
    Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
    HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
    Version limitations:
  • Up to 4 cameras maximum and up to 6 modules in a chain;
  • No updates of the program;
  • Unavailable user access rights setup;
  • Does not work on virtual machines, including Docker (from version 16.12.26 till version 20.10.12);
  • Unavailable customization;
  • Unavailable device list and digital zoom functions.
  • Additional modules can not be used in Lite version;
  • More information about Xeoma Lite

    Xeoma Standard

    Xeoma Standard is a basic program for video surveillance with an ideal set of functions. Perfect for small and medium business. Connect an unlimited number of sources, create individual recording conditions using a variety of available modules for each camera.

    Xeoma Standard available modules
    Devices Filters Destinations
    Universal camera Motion detector Preview
    Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
    Screen capture Marking Save to File
    File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
    Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
    FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
    HTTP Receiver Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
    HTTP Switcher SMS Sending
    Visitors Counter HTTP Request Sender
    Sound Detector HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
    Problems Detector Application Runner
    Object Detector FTP Upload
    HTTP Marking Streaming to Youtube
    Relay Switch Mobile notifications
    Condition RTSP Broadcasting
    (starting with version 22.10.12)
    Fisheye Dewarping
    PTZ tracking
    Image Crop
    Object Size Filtering
    Camera-Embedded Detector
    Also available is the 1-hour-long test period for Additional modules: Object Recognizer, Sports Tracking, FaceID, QR Code Recognition, Smart card reader, Gender Recognition, Face Detector (Emotions), Smarthome – RIF+, Color Recognition, Crows Detector, Vehicle Speed Detector, Age Recognizer, Slip and Fall Detector
    Version limitations:
  • It isn’t possible to view multiple archives at once:
  • There is no PTZ control in the browser;
  • You can’t make your own Cloud service;
  • There is no possibility to watch archive without closing live cameras;
  • There is no possibility to export synchronized several archives together;;
  • There is no multilayered Emap function;
  • There is no heat map function;
  • There is no automatic clients update to the new available version;
  • There is no possibility to make intervals of archive undeletable;
  • There is no visualization of movement in archive.
  • More information about Xeoma Standard

    Xeoma Pro

    Xeoma Pro is a professional video surveillance program with an advanced set of functions. It is perfect for equipping factories, airports and other large enterprises.

    Xeoma Pro includes other editions advantages, all previous versions limitations are available in Xeoma Pro.

    Xeoma Pro available modules
    Devices Filters Destinations
    Universal camera Motion detector Preview
    Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
    Screen capture Marking Save to File
    File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
    Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
    FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
    HTTP Receiver Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
    Speed Detector (Receiver) HTTP Switcher SMS Sending
    Camera tree Upload to FTP server
    Visitors Counter HTTP Request Sender
    Sound Detector HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
    Loitering Detector RTSP Broadcasting
    Problems Detector Application Runner
    Face detector ANPR Upload to FTP
    Privacy masking Speed Detector (Sender)
    Object Detector Streaming to Youtube
    HTTP Marking Mobile notifications
    Relay Switch
    Fisheye Dewarping
    PTZ tracking
    PTZ tracking with Senstar/Flexzone presets
    License plate recognition
    Cross-Line Detector
    Smoke detector
    Detector of Abandoned Objects
    Button Switcher
    Image Crop
    Object Size Filtering
    Camera-Embedded Detector
    Moving to PTZ preset
    My detector
    Also available is the 1-hour-long test period for Additional modules: Object Recognizer, Sports Tracking, FaceID, QR Code Recognition, Smart card reader, Gender Recognition, Face Detector (Emotions), Face Recognition (option ‘Artificial Intelligence’), Smarthome – RIF+, Color Recognition, Crows Detector, Vehicle Speed Detector, Age Recognizer, Slip and fall detector

    More about Xeoma Pro

    Still have questions? Ask us!





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    December 7, 2023: New beta version Xeoma 23.12.7 with over 40 changes and improvements! See more

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