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Xeoma has all state-of-the-art features for high-quality efficient video surveillance:

Professional surveillance made easy:
Flexible configuration of Xeoma cctv software

  • Free rebranding and customization
  • TLS secure connection between server and client parts
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (cameras, client-to-server connection, etc.)
  • Support for dual streaming: smaller hardware requirements due to possibility to use lower resolution stream for small previews and detectors;
  • Hardware acceleration CUDA (Nvidia graphics cards) and QuickSync (Intel) for Windows and Linux
  • Failover support: automated switching to backup servers in case main servers fail
  • Quick setup: group settings of modules
  • Quick navigation and control of cameras with Device list
  • Xeoma Cloud Service
  • Xeoma Pro – professional extension to regular Xeoma
  • Setup of cameras, modules, and schemes in a configuration file in Xeoma Pro
  • Creating a surveillance network of Xeoma cctv software servers by using web server
  • Xeoma - cctv software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigation

  • Multi-Server and Multi-Client connection architecture for video surveillance of any size
  • Flexible setup of access rights (user permissions)
  • Password protection of settings
  • Fullscreen view
  • Work with multiple monitors
  • Support for PTZ control, including presets, guard tour, joysticks
  • 0-360° camera image rotation
  • Sound detector
  • Instant screenshots of camera image
  • Available API (webAPI, REST API, JSON API), support for user plugins via the “My Detector” module
  • Support for customized reactions (scripts, sending commands to external systems).

Intellectual modules and features:

  • Face detector and recognizer (PRO/Additional module) with white and black lists, auto-training;
  • Search by a photo through archive recordings (Additional feature);
  • Stay time tracking: face-based tracking of how long a person spent in a store, mall, shop, and detection of violation of the maximum permitted time for being in a location;
  • Emotion Recognition (happiness, sadness, neutral, fear, anger, disgust, surprise);
  • Double authentication FaceID (face recognition with confirmation by smart access card or QR code);
  • Object Recognition (people, animals and pets, truck/lorry, cars, trains, motorcycle, bicycles/bikes, aircrafts/airplanes, bus, yachts/boats, birds, sports ball);
  • Bird Detector that detects birds in sight and can track them with a PTZ camera;
  • Color recognition (fever detection with thermal imaging cameras, monitoring of traffic lights violation, etc.);
  • xeoma_software_cctv_emotions_recognition_small_en

  • Crowd detector (counting passengers or visitors, density monitoring, detection of queues);
  • Sports Tracking (auto following the center of a sports game for live broadcasts);
  • Gender Recognizer;
  • Age Recognizer;
  • Safety gear (helmet, work robe / uniform) recognition;
  • Mask Detector (detection if people are wearing or not wearing a medical mask);
  • Sound events detector (recognition of sounds of gunshot, scream, baby cry, glass break, car alarm);
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with support for third-party LPR utilities (almost all countries are supported);
  • Speed detector: detection of violation of speed limit;
  • Moving to PTZ preset (automated rotation of a PTZ camera to a preset with a set of actions to do afterwards);
  • xeoma_business_automation_farming_fish_loss_prevention_seabirds_scare

  • Smart-Card Reading;
  • QR Code Recognition;
  • SmartHome RIF+;
  • Camera-Embedded Detector (use of cameras’ built-in detectors or other features);
  • GPIO module (use of logical pins in ARM-based devices);
  • Work with ‘Modbus’ controllers (traffic lights equipment, smart homes);
  • Text Recognition (auto-scanning the camera image for words and digits, and reaction to pre-set words or numbers);
  • Fisheye cameras image dewarping
  • Multilayered eMap – map of your video surveillance site with interactive cameras on it
  • Object detector to follow objects even if they’re not moving
  • Detector of abandoned objects to detect unattended items
  • Xeoma - cctv software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigation

  • Smoke detector
  • Synchronization with camera’s SD card (edge recording backup, import of records from the camera’s memory card)
  • Synchronization with cashier registers (POS)
  • Heat map
  • LDAP active directory synchronization
  • Easy home automation system integration thanks to HTTP request sender and HTTP switcher modules
  • Possibility to create your own cloud video surveillance service with Xeoma Pro
  • Privacy masking to blur areas you’re not supposed to record, or faces
  • Visitors Counter
  • Cross-line Detector (tripwire) that also detects motion direction
  • Automatic object tracking with zoom (PTZ tracking) and visualization of moving objects
  • Sabotage detector that detects camera scene change or system health problems
  • PTZ control also in browsers
  • Quick turning on/off of chains remotely (HTTP Switcher) and locally (Button Switcher)
  • Smart search in archive for motion events by time or in selected areas
  • Combining streams from two or more cameras into one with the Unitor module (also known as “Picture-in-picture”)
  • RTSP and HTTP broadcasting: emulation of IP cameras streaming in MJPEG, JPEG, H264, etc.
  • Eye Tracking – allows your video surveillance system to detect the direction of a person’s gaze
  • Parking Spots – automatically determines and updates the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot
  • Slip and Fall detector that is used to detect falling in the selected area
  • (Coming soon) The Heart Rate Monitor module, virtual contactless heart rate measurement powered by AI

Mobile view available for Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices!

Remote access:

  • Remote view via mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad supported)
  • Online view of all cameras with sound
  • Full remote access to settings, archive and cameras
  • Internet broadcasting
  • Possibility to embed camera image to your site
  • Remote access even with dynamic IP address
  • View of archives in web browsers


Xeoma - cctv software with an intuitive interface for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and openSUSE distributions)
Camera/sources processing:

  • Compatible with any webcams, analog cams, including WiFi wireless cctv cameras
  • Supports IP-cameras (including H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, JPEG/MJPEG, MPEG-4, Fisheye, PTZ and ONVIF, wireless cams, i.e. perfect both for wired and wireless cctv)
  • Any resolution (Mpix)
  • PTZ touring (guard tour)
  • Screen captures from all monitors simultaneously
  • Adjustable sound quality and sound volume
  • Up to 2 000 cameras can be connected on 1 computer!
  • Soft keys and hardware keys available for licenses


Xeoma cctv software with motion and light detector

Motion detector:

  • Setting up of zone(s) of any size and shape to monitor for motion
  • Visual motion detection, with time of the last detected movement shown on preview
  • Setting up maximum object size to be ignored, and sensitivity level of sensor
  • Pre-record option to store several seconds preceding motion detection
  • Post-record to continue recording after the event has finished
  • Record delay
  • Enhanced algorithm to avoid false alarms caused by pets or weather changes


Xeoma - cctv software with a handy archive, built-in player and real-time viewing


  • Loop recording
  • Adjustable maximum size of archive and compression rate of images stored to archive
  • Possibility to store archive onto different HDDs, RAIDs
  • Support for network attached storage (NAS), Google Cloud disc, etc.
  • User-friendly built-in media player with multi-thread rapid playback mechanisms and search for motion event or specific time
  • Export of a selected extract right from the viewer
  • Deletion of unneeded extracts from the viewer
  • Instant replay of an event from the Main screen
  • Smart search for motion events by time and in selected areas
  • Simultaneous synchronized view of several archives
  • Possibility to make parts of archive undeletable for evidence blocking


Notifications will arrive just in time! Mobile view available for Android, iPhone, iPad and other devices

Notifications and reactions:

  • Text message (SMS) sending
  • E-mail notifications (with attached JPEG images and MJPEG videos)
  • Event-triggered pop-up window
  • Sound alarm
  • Running a specified external program
  • FTP server upload of images and videos with sound
  • Saving files to the specified path with cyclic recording
  • Automated launch of a selected program or script, for example, to mount discs, do an SIP call, etc.
  • Control board and lock screen notifications in Android or iOS (a.k.a. push notifications)
  • Telegram Bot Notifications with unlimited bot subscribers
  • FTP Upload to send pictures and/or videos to an FTP server or Xeoma’s FTP Receiver module
  • Activation of recording to a HDD, RAIDs, network drive(s), microSD/SDHC card, etc.
  • Activation of a relay switch
  • Live notifications shown in interface
  • Streaming to Youtube for auto broadcasts into your YouTube channel
  • GPIO pins control (for ARM-based devices)


Xeoma - cctv software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigationAll high-demand features:

  • Hidden mode of work
  • WEBM (VP8 and VP9), MPEG-4, MP4 and MJPEG video formats
  • Marking (camera overlay) for embedding time and date, custom text, GPS coordinates, or image stamp over camera’s stream
  • Scheduler, setting up when system’s components are to start/end work
  • Adjustable volume of sound in preview mode
  • Quick setup: duplicating of chains
  • Adjustable preview mode (camera layouts, window transparency, font)
  • Automatic slide show of real-time images
  • 1-click-easy updates
  • New versions notifications


Xeoma - cctv software with a handy device list for grouping of cameras and easy navigation

Xeoma advantages:

  • Full-featured work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android
  • Free download
  • Full featured trial (demo) edition can be used multiple times
  • Free edition with no time-of-use limits
  • Ready to work right after downloading with default settings
  • No installation needed
  • No admin rights required
  • Simple additional settings
  • Flexible control like in a children’s construction set
  • Innovative intuitive graphical interface
  • Dynamic development and addition of cutting-edge features
  • Available in Main languages:
    English, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish and Russian.

    Additional languages:
    Dutch, Danish, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Swedish, Slovenian, Taiwanese, Korean, Ukrainian and Belorussian.


Xeoma cctv software has really useful tips to help you get the best of its possibilities

Typical applications:

  • Object monitoring in non-working hours (office, store, warehouse)
  • Security surveillance (perimeter security monitoring, car, etc.)
  • Smart home systems integration
  • Staff monitoring (industry workers, office employees, caregivers and home staff)
  • Monitoring of activity of children and office workers on computer, control over visited sites
  • Pet surveillance
  • Watching machinery in industries

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