Hardware keys – a new way to make licenses work without the Internet and on virtual machines

Starting with Xeoma version 18.7.10, you can purchase Xeoma licenses not only as a serial number or combination of digits (also known as the so-called soft keys), but also as a physical USB device called a hardware key.

The hardware key is a kind of USB flash drive that already contains Xeoma license. This device is inserted into a USB port of the computer on which you want to activate Xeoma.
Since the hardware key device is an actual device that requires delivery to the customer, it has an additional cost, while the software keys are electronic and are delivered to an email box for free.

Learn more about the differences between hardware keys and soft keys in our comparison table.

Typically, a hardware key is needed where the use of Xeoma is planned on virtual machines with restricted or no access to the Internet.
Another typical case where hardware keys are more than software keys – when you need to constantly transfer the license Xeoma to other servers. You can take the USB flash drive with you and use a license on the computer you need now.

Hardware keys can be connected to several computers: as much as you have free ports.

Buy a hardware security key Xeoma with courier delivery to the door can be for $80/piece.

Contact us to order a hardware key with your license!

Please note that hardware keys are only available for new licenses that will be assigned to the USB-device. Older (existing) licenses cannot be used as a hardware key.

Warranty: 3 years since purchase. Warranty does not apply to devices that have been lost or damaged mechanically.

July 9, 2018