F.A.Q: helpful tips from Xeoma customer care knowledge base

Camera questions
My IP camera is not found by Xeoma, what should I do?
Recently added cameras flashing gray from time to time
Having trouble figuring out how to set up a camera
Using one camera’s audio stream in another camera
Camera picture is duplicated
Camera shows distorted image (house of mirrors effect)
What if I have a camera you don’t support. Would you make an effort to support it?
Waiting for image from the camera message instead of camera stream
IP camera works in Single-Camera View but doesn’t work in Multi-Camera View (or in reverse)
Will my Orlaco EMOS camera work in Xeoma?
PTZ functionality in Xeoma: does it support bookmarked positions?
Detecting camera switching to the low-light IR mode
How to avoid scanning of network by Xeoma
Can I set the camera up using RTSP to connect to Xeoma?
I’d be feeding Xeoma snapshots rather than video. Will Xeoma handle this?
We have tried to connect cloud base camera with P2P and with serial number, but failed to connect
Please suggest some good video cameras compatible with your system
I copied settings from one camera to a new one but can’t get the preview stream to work
Can we add NVR recorder?

Why Xeoma has such pricing?
How do I upgrade hardware without licenses going inactive?
License questions
Moving Xeoma from a virtual machine to physical: the license is already activated error
Number of license resets is limited
Update Xeoma without new licenses
We don’t know which of the software to buy. Could you enlighten us on differences?
We want to move the old Xeoma licenses over and to renew them. Can we do this in one go?
I try to apply demo license by our own domain, but always get error 550 5.5.1 Protocol error
Newsletter: I get emails from you telling me about the latest version, can I update?
How do I move licenses from my license server to felenasoft.com license server?
Can we pay for Xeoma in Euro?
Trial license: will it reset my purchased licenses?
Xeoma Starter activation error: not compatible with new software
“My license doesn’t exist” activation error
Can i use android to access server in windows Free edition
Downgrading issue – still cannot activate my license
Adding the trial license: what to expect
Xeoma Starter: is it possible to add 2 more cameras to starter license?
What is the cost to upgrade from Xeoma Starter to Xeoma Lite?
Can I add a license without having to re-configure Xeoma again
How do I activate the license by command?
New version is available and yet I get the warning I might lose licenses. Why is that?
Is Lite edition what you call a starter?
Switching part of cameras from Standard to Pro
Does Xeoma software license come with user manual and training?
Why can’t I use camera rotation in starter pack?
How do I get to work older Lite and Ubuntu 22.04
How can I upgrade V20 to V22?
I never used my demo licenses and they expired. What do I do?
Purchased a renewal for 8 cameras, but the software still only shows 4!
Activation through USB hardware key not working (Xeoma 17.5.5, NanoPi R4S)
How do I activate the hardware key license?

How much drive space will I need per day?
Recordings and archive questions
In the trial edition you only get 1 hour storage. Do you get more with the free edition?
Archive decoding warning for same-day recordings
The Archive folders seemed to be named according to GMT dates (rather than local date).
How to do the search through older Xeoma’s recordings that are in .mp4?
I have Xeoma running for less than 7 days and the drive is already full. Did I do something wrong?
How to change recordings storage path for several cameras in bulk
Export failed error in Debian machine
How do I convert recordings to .mp4
How to save recordings to different directories

Motion Detection questions and troubleshooting
Create username and password for specific cameras
Failed to connect with user account
Camera-Embedded Detector not triggering at motion detection in camera
Can I have a ‘detection accumulation’ screen in Xeoma, ie, one that shows up areas of movement?
Does Xeoma meet these requirements/have these functions?
Need face recognition, what should I buy?
Getting a suggestion to update although my client is up to date
Use Android receiver free of charge if you have license on the server
The jump to location in my PTZ control is missing
How to run a script at object detection
Xeoma for Bird Watching
Privacy Masking: can we stop blurring when we need to investigate something?
Marking module time in UTC is wrong. How can I change that?
Opening different multicam views on different displays automatically after a system reboot
Email notifications not working
Can I create a thin guest for my system?
Displaying cameras one above the other on the screen instead of beside each other
Where do I find the no audio option?
Extracting one frame with JSON API
Are there any APIs for Xeoma that we can integrate with from inside our applications?
Camera-Embedded Detector does not work with Reolink
How do I embed camera in a website?
Web Server: the link keeps adding in the localhost and won’t let me delete it. What do I do?
Audio no longer works for installed Xeoma in Raspberry Pi
Ways to fix stuttering audio in iPhone and Mac
Smoke and fire detector – maximum distance, geo location, cameras it works with
What is responsible for the moving rectangles during motion detection?
How can motion detection be activated/deactivated, for example through Home Assistant
Is it possible in Xeoma to send an email containing a clip if someone is below a specified age
Sports Tracking: is there a solution for Australian Football?
Can Xeoma Android app notify if it picks up movement in the app?
Can I give clients access without them being able to alter the settings?
How can I minimise data from our camera that runs on 4g mobile data?
Can I output a trigger to close or open a gate?
Sports Tracking is cheaper with other manufacturers. Why?
Can Xeoma track barista productivity? (how many cups have they made)

Gather remote locations’ laptop cameras in a HQ main server
How to launch Xeoma Client in a shellless VM
Operating system of the Client differs from the server OS
Do I have to set up a server for this software?
Can the software be run as a service
How do I kill ffserver?
Create backup of configs for future use
What hardware should be my biggest consideration
Does the amount of processor cores make a difference in regards to processor performance in Xeoma?
Do I need GPU? I am planning to put in a small system in my home.
Differences in functionality under Linux
Xeoma App for iOS not working anymore in IPHONE 14
Can I install Xeoma Server to autostart on Android?
Use Android receiver free of charge if you have license on the server
How to install the server?
Why is Xeoma asking for a Xwindow (when I run commands like -uselocaltime)?
Sudden changes of screen size and elements size, how do I get that reversed?
How to run Xeoma with a console command
I installed version 18.x.x. via the command line but get can’t start core error
How to restore cameras and recordings after everything has been deleted in error
How can I stop the Xeoma Client from auto starting at system reboot?
Xeoma and TRUENAS
How do I sign in in the iPhone app as a different user
I do not able to access witn my credential at webUI of my xeoma. what do I do?
What is the “for correct work please start server with admin rights” message?
How to completely uninstall Xeoma?
Can I put my server address into Xeoma installer?
Does Xeoma run in Docker?
Does Xeoma support an official docker image for a server installation?
Repeater cannot connect
How to insert video streams from two servers in different locations into specific pages?
How would the p2p service work with the web page access?
Downgrading: making sure to downgrade the server part of Xeoma
Enabling GPU access Xeoma under a Jetson Xavier NX?
Can I host locally, on a raspberry pi or a local server?
How to upload snapshots to a cloud solution instead of having them on camera SD card
Camera access rights setup for LDAP profiles
Xeoma Cloud: which intensity of recording option to choose in subscription calculator
How to view cameras connected to Xeoma in a web browser?
Different camera preview settings for a smaller device

How to gain access to the Admin Area for Resellers?
I’m a reseller of software products and would like to add Xeoma to my list. Can we discuss that during a video conference?
Low cost initial video surveillance package for point of entry in Mexico

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